Beyond the wall: Trump’s presidential pledges

The Republican Party has launched its platform for the 2016 presidential election, pledging less government, less immigration and … broadband for farmers


The world’s most innovative countries in 5 charts

Switzerland beats the UK and takes the top spot as the world’s most innovative country in the World Intellectual Property Organization's Global Innovation Index 2015


Feeding the growth of the food and beverage industry

The UK food and drink industry faces challenges that will reshape the future of a sector which is fundamental to the economy



‘The Punisher’ promises Philippines crackdowns

Filipinos have elected the tough-talking mayor of Davao, Rodrigo Duterte, as their president, who promises a violent assault on crime and militancy


UK immigration stance is ‘damaging’, say Indian entrepreneurs

Leading businesspeople from the Indian Diaspora warn that the UK government’s stance on immigration is making the country less attractive for investment


Cuba, young and free

A new generation of artists are taking hope from Cuba’s tentative embrace of the internet and the possibility of a rapprochement with the USA


Dismantling Trident: the price of peace

The UK parliament is voting on whether to renew Trident, but the cost of decommissioning the UK’s nuclear arsenal would be a tiny fraction of the cost of renewing it.


Nigeria’s new ‘Avengers’ threaten oil supplies

Militants in Nigeria’s Niger Delta have the ability to move oil markets, and a new group has risen up to attack pipelines and disrupt production


Strongman politics persist in the shadow of Operation Condor

A court in Argentina may have convicted former South American dictators for their role in a coordinated assault on freedom of expression, but the continent’s fascination for strongman politics is far from over

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Now there's another reason to have chicken tonight

If you’re not keen on fish but care about your essential oil intake, you may be pleased to learn that there’s now omega-3 in chicken. Just head to your nearest Waitrose, says Dr Jean Kennedy, food innovation manager at animal nutrition specialist Devenish


Innovating to offer a next-generation recruitment strategy

Facing a looming shortage of talent, human resources chiefs need to adapt their recruitment strategies in a predominantly digital age, according to Charles Hipps, chief executive and founder of e-recruitment leaders WCN


Sugar free, preservative free, refreshing and delicious: enter a new crusader in the battle against sugar

As governments, parents and doctors work to combat excess sugar consumption, a new soft drink concept is leading the way in providing delicious hydration without added sugar and preservatives

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The modern UK diet ‘The modern UK diet’

Infographic outlining top 8 diet changes, UK sales of free-from food, percentage of consumers willing to pay a premium for organic and gluten free food and more

Managing an ageing workforce ‘Managing an ageing workforce’

Infographic charting the top 5 age-friendly policies, the main obstacles in managing an ageing workforce and reasons why people work past state-pension age

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Catering for new tastes at work

As the way we work is changing, so too is the way staff want to eat in the workplace


Facing future challenges

The pace of business change continues unabated, but should human resources professionals see this as an unwelcome disruption or an opportunity?


Costa committed to providing customers with credible choice

Costa Coffee has committed to reducing the added sugar content of its drinks range by a significant 25 per cent by 2020, as part of its mission to provide customers with wideranging, healthier choice

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Humanising the world of work

Businesses must become human-centred, encouraging diversity, engagement, wellbeing, openness and fairness at work and in society


If a strike is coming, workers know it first

Consider a new way to forecast risk in an era of accelerating supply chain disruption says Heather Franzese, executive director of GWS Labor Link


Successful organisations have a risk-aware culture

Fostering the right kind of corporate culture lies at the heart of successful risk management says John Hurrell, Chief executive, Airmic

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