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Top 10 digital technologies the boss should know about

The technological landscape is changing shape faster than ever and it can be hard to navigate, so here’s a helpful guide to the future...


UEFA 2016: a truly international tournament

The UEFA Euro 2016 football championships kick off in June. The 24 team rosters show just how integrated Europe’s football leagues already are. The English Premier League, one of world sport’s financial powerhouses, provides employment for more of the tournament’s players than any other — although precious few English, Welsh or Northern Irish players come from clubs overseas. After the tournament in France is over, a few of those UK-based players could well be looking for new jobs


The Formula E car broken down

The chassis and battery are standard, but for season two Formula E has opened up development of the car’s other components to the teams’ engineers


Big Deal

Greece squeezed as creditors mull debt relief

After seven years and billions of euros worth of bailouts, Greece’s European creditors and the IMF still cannot agree on debt relief


El Niño adds to Asia’s climate fears

South-East Asia’s agricultural base is under threat from the unnaturally strong El Niño weather event, which has caused droughts and threatened food supplies across the world


‘The Punisher’ promises Philippines crackdowns

Filipinos have elected the tough-talking mayor of Davao, Rodrigo Duterte, as their president, who promises a violent assault on crime and militancy


Cracking the shell companies

The 'Panama Papers', leaked documents detailing how world leaders and their families have money held in shell companies, has once again exposed the dubious business of tax havens


Refugees caught up in Kenya’s security fears

The Kenyan government has said it will close the Dadaab refugee camp, which it claims harbours terrorists from the Somali Islamist group Al-Shabaab


UK burned by China's steel meltdown

China is dumping steel onto the international markets, forcing down prices and causing a crisis in the UK’s manufacturing industry

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For success with digital be transformational

Businesses are striving to increase customer value and generate growth in the digital sphere. But sometimes the quickest way is to step back and make a plan, according to growth-focused management consultancy Prophet


Agility is key: remodelling for the digital enterprise

Companies that embrace digital transformation as an opportunity to stand out from the pack must consider the critical role their SAP systems will play


Directions to digital

What to look for on the transformation road map

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Drivers of digital transformation ‘Drivers of digital transformation’

Infographic charting the top 10 skills needed for digital transformation, organisational capacity for transformation, top 10 barriers of digital trends and more

Supply chain disruption ‘Supply chain disruption’

Infographic outlining the top 10 causes and impacts of supply chain disruption, preferred risk mitigation strategies and the most feared risks

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Digital for all, now!

We are constantly hearing that companies need to embrace digital transformation to survive, but how can they make this an affordable reality?


Cloud versus on-premises IT: getting the best of both worlds

Cloud computing is disrupting every sector and heralding new entrants into every market. It’s also presenting challenges to long-established companies. But rather than feel a need to make a rush for the cloud, they should consider other options


Directions on the road to electric cars

What’s around the corner for electric cars, their production and adoption by motorists? Norbert Ruecker, head of commodities research at Julius Baer, offers some advice

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If a strike is coming, workers know it first

Consider a new way to forecast risk in an era of accelerating supply chain disruption says Heather Franzese, executive director of GWS Labor Link


Successful organisations have a risk-aware culture

Fostering the right kind of corporate culture lies at the heart of successful risk management says John Hurrell, Chief executive, Airmic


Future of fewer but better jobs

The retail industry faces a challenging future of job losses, but has an opportunity to improve conditions for those who remain says Helen Dickinson, Chief executive British Retail Consortium

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