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Next-generation energy

With the UK under pressure to plug a looming energy gap and at the same time meet targets for clean renewable energy, power may be shifting to a new generation of consumers

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UK energy mix outlook ‘UK energy mix outlook’

Infographic outlining the UK’s energy mix outlook, including its indigenous production of primary fuels for 2015, electricity generation 2012-50 and energy demand across five key sectors

Connectivity in Smart Cities ‘Connectivity in Smart Cities’

Infographic outlining the key components of a smart city, top medium-sized European smart cities, and the most popular connected things installed 2015-17, according to Gartner

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Minding the energy gap

The UK is heading for an energy crisis, with power stations closing down at a faster rate than a replacement energy mix is coming on stream. And as planning and design consultancy Barton Willmore points out, many of the factors that are widening the energy gap are also deterring the very people who could help close it, renewable energy developers and investors

The rise of the machines

Machine-to-machine communication is driving the internet of things and many successful businesses, says Kristina Hagström, managing director of FältCom Ltd

Malaysia races ahead with electric green

Malaysia’s eco-city Putrajaya is the perfect setting for electric racing and showcased its shared environmental credentials with Formula E

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'Scotland hardest hit by wind subsidy cut'

Scotland’s Energy Minister has hit back at the UK government’s decision to end subsidies for new onshore wind farms a year early

Who owns our data infrastructure?

Data infrastructure is as important as our physical infrastructure – so how should it be governed?

Learn to let go: the new reality for brands

For generations marketers have been trained to think and act in a certain way with brand and reputation management – now that schooling is fast becoming obsolete, says Thomas Brown, director of strategy and marketing at the Chartered Institute of Marketing

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