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On time and on budget

Put simply, project management is about people solving unexpected problems and getting things done, as Chris Johnston explains

Look like a star: celebrity cosmetic brands

Celebrities who lend their name and fame to a beauty brand are increasingly also investing in the product, as Beatrice Aidin reports

Why carbon trading has slumped

It was heralded as a major weapon in an armoury to be deployed against global warming and climate change by lowering greenhouse gas emissions, but carbon trading has stalled, writes Celestine Cheong

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Keeping social media ethical

New research from The Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM), carried out by YouGov and Bloomberg, explores the path to positive engagement between consumers and brands on social media, and the priorities for businesses. Thomas Brown, director of strategy and insights at CIM, explains

Data analytics from IoT

Machines “talking” to machines will generate increasingly large amounts of potentially valuable information, which not only offers new business opportunities, but also poses a challenge for organisations already struggling to cope with the sheer volume of big data, writes Nic Fildes

Making it yourself

Contrary to common perceptions, manufacturing offers opportunities for motivated entrepreneurs with a good product to make and sell, as Charles Orton-Jones discovers

Calming the senses for sleep

Bedroom design, choice of bed and other furnishings, lighting and sound-proofing are all central to creating a restful environment, as Joshi Herrmann reports

Be inspired by UK export success

Dismiss the doubters, banish negative thoughts, get out there and export, writes Charles Orton-Jones

Stay healthy longer

The state of Britain’s health is a cause for serious concern which must be addressed by urging people to take responsibility for their own wellbeing, writes Danny Buckland

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Beauty and the business woman

Creativity in the beauty business is back and being led by enterprising women, says Caroline Neville, president of Cosmetic Executive Women (CEW)

IT skills in Britain's youth

Demand for big data skills are booming, with an estimated 69,000 new recruits needed by the sector over the next five years. But young people risk missing out on job opportunities unless the education and training system can react to plug the gap, warns Karen Price, chief executive of the Tech Partnership

From optimism to catastrophe

It’s acceptable to pull the plug on a project when you’ve done everything right and still it goes wrong, says Professor Eddie Obeng

Megaprojects Revolution

It’s the stuff that makes the country work, creates employment and promotes growth; without renewed infrastructure Britain would gradually grind to a halt, writes Jim McClelland

Hacking the hackers

Digital defence companies are using big data to counter cyber attackers, as Tom Fox-Brewster reports

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Evolution of a growing career

Faced with a recovering economy and a highly competitive business landscape driven by new technologies, project managers are quickly adapting to fill more challenging and strategic roles, says the Project Management Institute

Saving animals from cosmetics testing

L’Oréal is at the forefront of developing alternatives to testing cosmetics on animals, notably through the creation of the human skin model Episkin

Preparing for omni-channel

Spare a thought for the teams who need to use the data, says Concrete

Tips to transform your business

Four business leaders describe the benefits of business transformation and how to ensure success

Ten ways to brighten up business

Five years ago the internet was like the high street with companies selling to consumers. Now it’s central to almost every company’s business, connecting them with suppliers, employees, customers and partners. Stephen Armstrong has our top ten ways the cloud helps businesses with some shop-fresh examples…

Oil and Gas Forecast

Future exploration and production of oil and gas depend on sustainable prices in the global energy market, as Felicia Jackson reports

Knowing how to seal the deal

Corporate treasurers play a critical role in supporting mergers and acquisitions, particularly for deals involving high-growth markets, writes Sally Percy

Going mobile is the way ahead

Record ownership of smartphones and computer tablets is boosting mobile online shopping in the UK, writes Miya Knights

Following a cleaner path to growth

Developing countries are looking to move away from the fossil-fuel model of development, but it won’t be easy, writes Mike Scott

Profit buried in passion for treasure

With traditional asset classes performing erratically over the past five years, John Evans investigates the boom in treasure-asset investing

Risk and reputation: preparing for business reality

New research from The Chartered Institute of Marketing reveals the reputational risks facing brands in a customer-empowered, social era. Thomas Brown, associate director, research and insights at CIM, explains

Top 5 challenges facing purchasing

Key trends are set to influence procurement over the next 12 months, writes Nick Martindale

6 new technologies cutting carbon footprint

Ingenious new technologies are helping to cut carbon footprint, as Jim McClelland discovers

5 materials reshaping construction

From 3D printing to toothbrushes, innovative and sometimes offbeat building materials are changing the face of construction. Stephen Cousins has Raconteur’s top five

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