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Giving expertise, not just money

Corporate philanthropy is moving away from grand projects and big donations to a more vibrant world of relationship and capacity building, volunteering and partnerships, writes Emma Burnell

Sound investments in solid causes

Investing in social enterprise businesses offers corporates a viable alternative to charitable donations, as Rob Langston discovers

Doing good is good for business

Philanthropy sells when clients and customers identify with causes backed by businesses. Nick Martindale reports

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American culture rules the world

US international influence may be exerted through the shock and awe of its military might, but America also has a formidable arsenal of “soft power” expressed in culture, education, diplomacy and aid, writes Michael Goldfarb

The elements of a counter fraud policy

To fight fraud you need an official policy or programme. But what should go in it? Charles Orton-Jones has the answer

Content marketing is for experts

If content marketing is to succeed, it must be expertly done, writes Edwin Smith

Keeping good staff

Data analysis software can aid human resources experts to recruit and retain talented staff, just as gamification of tasks can motivate the workforce, writes Tom Fox-Brewster, but both should be handled with care

History of wearable technology

The idea of wearable technology is nothing new and can be traced back to the 19th century, as Paul Lamkin reports

Zeroing in on waste-free living

With the government under pressure to hit a 70 per cent recycling target by 2020, more businesses must embrace the environmental – and economic – case for zero waste, writes Mike Scott

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Clean technology offers new hope

The Government should choose a future of renewable energy and ditch carbon pollution that is fuelling global warming, says Greenpeace UK climate and energy campaigner Lawrence Carter

Seven agile management behaviours

Top management are eager to understand the successes they see in agile innovation of the post-internet boom, says Brian Wernham, deputy chairman of the Governance Specific Interest Group of the Association for Project Management

A complex customer journey

Ben Turner, sales director at the Institute of Sales & Marketing Management, explores the new reality of selling

UK is on course to meet energy targets

Energy Secretary Ed Davey (pictured) gives Raymond Snoddy an optimistic progress report on his Cabinet portfolio

Welcome to the data economy

With data multiplying at a bewildering rate, it has never been more important for business leaders to master digital information, writes Jessica Twentyman

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Evolution of a growing career

Faced with a recovering economy and a highly competitive business landscape driven by new technologies, project managers are quickly adapting to fill more challenging and strategic roles, says the Project Management Institute

Long arm of international law

To date more than one million US and international law graduates have used BARBRI and BARBRI International to prepare for the American bar exams

Making or breaking your sales team?

HP is a huge global organisation with 30,000 people on its sales plan across 178 countries. Setting sales targets and ensuring the sales design is optimised before somebody presses go at the start of a new year is a pretty big challenge.

National staff engagement rates

How far does employee engagement vary from country to country, continent to continent – and why? James Dean finds out

Shopping on the move

Personal technology continues to change the way we shop, but how can e-retailers improve the experience? Edwin Smith reports

The business case for change

Transformation isn’t just about being a forward-thinking company for the sake of appearances – it has a direct impact on the bottom line, and the long-term viability of your business

Tech to crack complex projects

There are dozens of fabulous software packages for project management, but which one is right for you? Charles Orton-Jones offers a guide

Comply first, optimise later

Although UK companies, outside the eurozone, do not have to comply until 2016, some already see the benefit of services within the Single Euro Payments Area, as Rebecca Brace discovers

Will insurance cover risk?

Insurers are endeavouring to keep pace with a fast-changing business world, but companies seeking insurance must be sure to cover new risks, as Anthony Hilton reports

Not failing to succeed

Clarity of purpose and partnership are essential for outsourcing to succeed, as Josh Sims reports

Valuing power of UK creativity

The UK has migrated to a knowledge economy, but too few businesses value their intellectual property, from original ideas to brand recognition, as Charles Orton-Jones reports

6 new technologies cutting carbon footprint

Ingenious new technologies are helping to cut carbon footprint, as Jim McClelland discovers

5 materials reshaping construction

From 3D printing to toothbrushes, innovative and sometimes offbeat building materials are changing the face of construction. Stephen Cousins has Raconteur’s top five

5 tips to improve your game

Golf is very similar to Formula 1 motor racing in terms of technological advancements. You buy a gizmo one day and a month later it’s outdated. But Tim Southwell has discovered five pieces of golf technology that will still be delivering enjoyment and improvements to your game for years to come

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