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Top technologies changing how we shop

Technical innovation has created opportunities for retailers and customers as the way goods and services are bought and sold is in constant flux


Celebrity hairdressers rake in the cash

Superstar status and professional expertise combine to give haircare brands fronted by British celebrity hairdressers a head start


Ensuring your supermarket shop is heart-healthy

Regulation and voluntary initiatives by food manufacturers have combined to improve nutrition, but areas for improvement remain

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The new alternative to aerosols

A fast-growing packaging technology company has created an alternative to the traditional aerosol that’s environmentally friendly and easier to use. No wonder that it’s being snapped up by an increasing number of personal and homecare product manufacturers


Expert independent online advice to help your employees plan for the future

With auto-enrolment and pension freedoms, it has never been more critical for employees to receive advice


Live Beautifully

The story of Gazelli is an inspiring journey that starts 40 years ago in Baku, the capital of Azerbaijan, and leads to the present day with the groundbreaking launch of the Gazelli House in the heart of London’s Belgravia

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Global cardiovascular disease outlook ‘Global cardiovascular disease outlook’

Infographic mapping global mortality rates from cardiovascular disease, regions with the highest and lowest death rates, and UK deaths by gender and age, according to the World Health Organisation and British Heart Foundation

The packaging hall of fame ‘The packaging hall of fame’

Conveyor belt of the greatest and most iconic packaging designs throughout history, from brand designs such as the Toblerone, Pringles, the McDonald's Happy Meal and Chanel No 5, to everyday favourites like the ring pull and the milk carton

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New technical centre puts quality at the forefront of vision express

A state-of-the-art facility offers an exciting new service for Vision Express customers throughout the country


Protecting UK innovation

UK businesses are among the most innovative in the world, and small and medium-sized enterprises account for 99 per cent of them


The secret to winning in Saudi Arabia

Stuart D’Souza, chief executive of Arabian Enterprise Incubators (AEI) Saudi, tells UK businesses how to crack the Saudi market

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Litter is about laziness, not about packaging

Although packaging is not the biggest litter problem, industry leaders are campaigning to clean up Britain’s streets, says Jane Bickerstaffe, director at INCPEN


Finding out how beauty works

With growing recognition of the beauty industry’s contribution to UK plc, a major survey sheds light on how it functions


Meeting demand to buy UK exports abroad

The government is calling on businesses to back its export drive and put the UK at the forefront of global trade, says Lord Maude, Minister for Trade and Investment

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