House sharing is shaking up the UK hotel sector

Hotels can learn from disruptors such as Airbnb that have introduced the hospitality industry to the sharing economy and delivered a stark wake-up call


Why doesn't Google just buy Twitter?

As speculation grows surrounding the sale of Twitter, we explore the implications of a Google buy-out


How tech platforms are revolutionising business travel

There was a time when a well-used eye mask and worn neck pillow identified a business traveller as a seasoned globetrotter – now it’s a smartphone and apps



UK Fracking payouts miss the point

The UK government is set to offer payouts to communities to try to head off opposition to controversial shale gas developments


Mandela’s party feels the heat from anti-elite voters

Local elections in South Africa have become a vote of no confidence in the African National Congress and its scandal-prone leader, Jacob Zuma


Brexit: we need to talk about migration

The UK government has to try to negotiate a way out of the European Union’s freedom of movement agreements and a place in the single market against a toxic backdrop


Dismantling Trident: the price of peace

The UK parliament is voting on whether to renew Trident, but the cost of decommissioning the UK’s nuclear arsenal would be a tiny fraction of the cost of renewing it.


Nigeria’s new ‘Avengers’ threaten oil supplies

Militants in Nigeria’s Niger Delta have the ability to move oil markets, and a new group has risen up to attack pipelines and disrupt production


Strongman politics persist in the shadow of Operation Condor

A court in Argentina may have convicted former South American dictators for their role in a coordinated assault on freedom of expression, but the continent’s fascination for strongman politics is far from over

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Brexit and the future of the hospitality industry

Robin Rossmann, managing director of STR, a benchmarking specialist that tracks data for more than 65 per cent of available hotel rooms in the UK and over seven million around the world, analyses the current state of the hospitality industry in the midst of political tension, security concerns and a changing market


Odds improve for in-room tablets

In-room tablets are no longer restricted to luxury hotels – new innovations make going digital a reality for mid-market hotels too


Cloud Hotel PMS: A paradigm shift from managing rooms to engaging with guests

In a world of instant and digitally dominated lifestyles, how is it that hotels don’t engage with guests prior to their arrival – or later, for that matter?

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Airbnb's impact on the hotel industry ‘Airbnb's impact on the hotel industry’

Hotels can learn from disruptors such as Airbnb that have introduced the hospitality industry to the sharing economy and delivered a stark wake-up call which is revitalising the sector

Blindness and sight loss in the UK ‘Blindness and sight loss in the UK’

This infographic shows the state of blindness and sight loss in the UK including the number of people registered with eye conditions like Glaucoma, cataracts, Diabetic Retinopathy and Age-related Macular Degeneration.

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Cheering a star experience

The Heineken Experience is an innovative multimedia tour of the company’s history and brewing processes at its original site in the centre of Amsterdam – and it’s getting rave reviews


Vision Express and Aviva join forces to make the UK's roads safer

Motorists who fail roadside eye checks are losing their licences, but now Vision Express and Aviva have teamed up to take corrective action


Where everyone is a VIP

As Neil Moffitt signs a commitment to a further five years with the company, he discusses the history of Hakkasan Group and how the business has become a global force in luxury hospitality

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National Eye Health Week brings visibility to eyesight problems

From September 19 to 25, National Eye Health Week looks at the eye health challenges facing the UK and aims to help people see and feel better, writes David Cartwright, Chairman of National Eye Health Week


Developments in retinal implants give hope to those with sight loss

Clinical trials are underway in the UK for a new “bionic” vision system with the potential to restore vision in patients with sight loss, writes Nicky Collinson.


Urgent need to fund eye disease research

Despite exciting early-stage medical and technological results, not enough is being spent on research into eye disease in the UK, says Mike Daw, Chief executive, National Eye Research Centre

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