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Welcome to the energy transition

The UK may at last be approaching a new age of grand transition as sustainable clean energy moves on to the balance sheet, writes Jim McClelland

Ethical Selling

Ethical behavior is essential to build and maintain trust with customers, which in turn brings repeat business and increased profits, writes Peter Crush

Doing good is good for business

Philanthropy sells when clients and customers identify with causes backed by businesses. Nick Martindale reports

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Change is necessary to survive and grow

The UK must transform traditional, slow-moving firms into fast-track, agile companies, writes Charles Orton-Jones

'Most wanted' hacker speaks out

One of the most infamous hackers in cyberspace, turned security adviser, tells Edwin Smith that no technology is completely secure

What does Gen Y want?

Alec Marsh finds out how to attract, retain and engage the gifted employees of Generation Y

Payment data delivers loyalty

Electronic payment systems are an asset that any business can use to drive loyalty and deliver a deeper understanding of their customers, as Dave Howell reports

Death of the business plan?

Dan Matthews examines the proposition that it is time to drop the business plan and get “adaptive”

History of wearable technology

The idea of wearable technology is nothing new and can be traced back to the 19th century, as Paul Lamkin reports

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Clean technology offers new hope

The Government should choose a future of renewable energy and ditch carbon pollution that is fuelling global warming, says Greenpeace UK climate and energy campaigner Lawrence Carter

Seven agile management behaviours

Top management are eager to understand the successes they see in agile innovation of the post-internet boom, says Brian Wernham, deputy chairman of the Governance Specific Interest Group of the Association for Project Management

A complex customer journey

Ben Turner, sales director at the Institute of Sales & Marketing Management, explores the new reality of selling

Welcome to the wearable workplace

Wearable devices are not just jewellery for geeks or gadgets for fitness fanatics – they are valuable tools for getting work done, writes Jessica Twentyman

Valuing the events industry

An industry expected to be worth more than £48 billion by 2020 played a key role in London's successful Olympic summer but, as Mike Fletcher reports, the events sector has a far wider importance to the UK economy

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Staying on track and keeping fit

Garmin has entered the wearable technology market with products to encourage people to be more active. The message to customers is to find fitness in everything they do – even if they’ve never gone for a run or a gym session in their life

Measuring social return on investment

It is now accepted that great customer experience delivered through social media is achievable, but what about return on investment, asks Julian Johns, vice president, Europe, the Middle East and Africa, at Conversocial

The benefits of being agile

Seeking organisational agility? Begin with the fundamentals and develop a workforce of project managers who are also skilled in agile practices

Successful leadership with AKQA

Leadership has an indisputable role to play in engaging staff to give their best, as Edwin Smith discovers in conversation with a top business executive

Is your practitioner qualified?

One of the best ways to safeguard yourself is finding a practitioner who is experienced and properly trained in the procedures they are performing. But what qualifications should you be looking for? Leah Hardy reports

An architect for modern times

Modernist architect and town planner Dame Jane Drew, a leading exponent of the Modern Movement in London, was the outstanding woman architect of her generation, writes Becky Ayre on behalf of the Institute of Contemporary Arts

Facing the wrath of Hollywood

Edwin Smith profiles the controversial internet giant behind the alias Dotcom

Mapping innovation in the UK

Innovation is responsible for about two-thirds of private-sector productivity growth in the UK. But this involves much more than R&D. Since the early-2000s, firms have been focusing their innovation investment in intangible assets, such as organisational improvement and staff training. Nesta, which supports innovation in the UK, says its research shows innovation drives growth

Fashion is fast to stay 'on trend'

The retail fashion industry is among the best examples of how an agile supply chain can keep pace with fast-changing customer demand, as Miya Knights discovers

Myths holding the UK back

Innovation is the key to unlocking business confidence and growth, writes Charles Orton-Jones

Innovating in ever-faster world

The pace of change is quickening as successive technological breakthroughs accelerate innovation, writes Charles Orton-Jones

Top 10 ways to nod off to sleep

One in five people have trouble sleeping and more than 15 million prescriptions are written for sleeping pills in the UK every year, so Jane Symons asked the experts and examined the latest research to compile Raconteur’s Good Sleep Guide

10 trends in the internet of things

From in-vivo sensors to the rise of China, Charles Orton-Jones spots ten trends and applications making the internet of things (IoT) arguably the world’s most exciting technology

10 disruptive digital innovators

A new breed of digital startups is sending shock waves through important sectors of the UK economy. Established businesses are also adapting to the changing environment by reinventing themselves for the digital age. Leading venture capitalists and industry analysts identify five digital startups worth watching and five established companies transforming for digital. Paul Rubens reports

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