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10 trends in the internet of things

From in-vivo sensors to the rise of China, Charles Orton-Jones spots ten trends and applications making the internet of things (IoT) arguably the world’s most exciting technology

Peaks and troughs of designer boobs

A “boob job” is the number-one cosmetic procedure in the UK and far more is now on offer, as Joani Walsh reports

Why is Paris the world's most-visited city?

Author and long-time resident of Paris Stephen Clarke offers his take on a much-loved city for lovers

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M&A Boom

Mid-market companies are expected to spearhead the mergers and acquisitions charge over the coming months, presenting fresh challenges to directors unfamiliar with M&A, writes Elizabeth Pfeuti

6 new technologies cutting carbon footprint

Ingenious new technologies are helping to cut carbon footprint, as Jim McClelland discovers

'Most wanted' hacker speaks out

One of the most infamous hackers in cyberspace, turned security adviser, tells Edwin Smith that no technology is completely secure

Top French innovators

It may be news to most Brits, but France is home to generations of inventive pioneers, as Agnès C. Poirier reports

The future is unbuilt

Construction may be booming, but the industry must rebuild itself to face a challenging future, writes Jim McClelland

Talent, skill or something else?

Recruit and manage salespeople well, provide the right tools and training, and soon rivals will be whispering jealously about your “culture of success”, writes Dan Matthews

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8 ways wifi enables the internet of everything

Long the networking technology of choice, wi-fi will be a key enabler of the “internet of everything”, says Kelly Davis-Felner, vice president of marketing for Wi-Fi Alliance

Being energy conscious needn't cost the earth

Going green makes good business sense, says Robin Hale, director of the Energy Services and Technology Association (ESTA)

When is a procedure cosmetic?

Cosmetic surgery should not be available on the NHS, according to Health Secretary Jeremey Hunt, but consultant plastic surgeon Judy Evans asks where do we draw the line between what is cosmetic and what is not?

Real and virtual retail worlds

Marcus Leroux considers the challenges facing major UK retailers in a shopping environment which is constantly changing as online business collides with the high street

Psychology of Cosmetic Surgery

Cosmetic surgery can be a rewarding and life-changing experience for the right patient, but what motivates people to go under the knife? Alice Hart-Davis investigates

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Retail's mobile revolution

Picture a boutique café where traditional style meets high tech and customers can enjoy a premium experience with visual interaction and superior multimedia content, says Samsung

The growth of e-commerce

ChannelAdvisor recommends UK e-tailers should seize the opportunity to go global

Evolution of construction

The construction industry plays a vital role in the UK economy, responsible for some 6 per cent of total GDP and 10 per cent of employment – and it is undergoing a radical transformation

How to avoid hidden pension trap

Pension reform is underway, but it’s only the first step along a long road to securing a comfortable retirement, writes Pádraig Floyd

Big data or big statistics?

Is statistical analysis a science and big data more of an art? Miya Knights poses the question and reviews the development of analytical software

Is art still elitist?

The internationally successful artist, credited with changing the face of commercial art publishing in the UK, Mackenzie Thorpe argues it’s not art that’s elitist – it’s the hangers-on

Hot new payments startups

It is easy to forget that PayPal, now arguably the dominant online payment system, was an obscure brand at the turn of the century. No wonder that a host of companies, from banks to telecoms companies to traditional payment processors, are desperate to crack the next wave of innovation which is likely to be pioneered by a startup company with a different take on how consumers want to pay in the future. Nic Fildes has our five hottest ones to watch

Quiet rulers of a creative world

Key to success and innovation, project managers may nevertheless be undervalued despite their proven track record, writes Dan Matthews

Are you mobile experienced?

Mobile users are only going to become more fickle, more demanding and savvier, continually raising the bar for software developers, writes Adrian Bridgwater

Where to find alternative finance

If banks are reluctant to lend or conventional finance dries up, there are other ways of funding business, as Catherine Wheatley explains

Top 10 ways to nod off to sleep

One in five people have trouble sleeping and more than 15 million prescriptions are written for sleeping pills in the UK every year, so Jane Symons asked the experts and examined the latest research to compile Raconteur’s Good Sleep Guide

Superpowers to become science fact

Engineer and TEDx speaker Michelle Dickinson tells how scientists are making human superpowers a real possibility by generating superhero technology from advanced materials

Building London's hotspots: the top ten

James Roberts, head of commercial research at property consultants Knight Frank, overviews central London’s next generation of development

Measuring greenhouse gas emissions

The importance of analysing and managing the carbon footprint of a business can be measured in cost-savings as well as limiting environmental damage, writes Louise Bateman

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