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Welcome to the data economy

With data multiplying at a bewildering rate, it has never been more important for business leaders to master digital information, writes Jessica Twentyman

Content marketing merges with sales

Marketing and sales teams are becoming increasingly inter-dependent as the nature of selling changes, writes Edwin Smith

The big four in social media

Social media is no longer just about connecting friends and family, but about linking businesses with audiences ready and willing to embrace brands and campaigns. In a roundtable discussion, executives from four top social networks tell Rachel England how business can benefit from using social channels

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Bridging US and UK sport

Once separated by the Atlantic, American and British sports are now building a bridge over the ocean, as Jeff Cockrell reports

No bribes please, we're British

When a company expands into new territories, especially emerging markets, bribery and corruption is a significant risk of doing business through local third-party representatives, as James Dean reports

Tech to crack complex projects

There are dozens of fabulous software packages for project management, but which one is right for you? Charles Orton-Jones offers a guide

UK Wind & Marine barometer 2014

Now in its fourth year, the UK Wind & Marine Energy Business Barometer is the UK’s leading measure of business sentiment in the renewable energy sector

Death of the business plan?

Dan Matthews examines the proposition that it is time to drop the business plan and get “adaptive”

Data analytics from IoT

Machines “talking” to machines will generate increasingly large amounts of potentially valuable information, which not only offers new business opportunities, but also poses a challenge for organisations already struggling to cope with the sheer volume of big data, writes Nic Fildes

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The 'other' heart disease

Heart failure is a silent epidemic which must be curbed, says Dr Gordon Tomaselli, of Johns Hopkins Hospital, Baltimore, Maryland

'Can we do it? Yes we can'

Professor Scott Moeller, director and founder of the M&A Research Centre at Cass Business School, advises on leadership, and how to get mergers and acquisitions right

Good forecast for capital

Thomas Farley, president of the NYSE Group, which includes the New York Stock Exchange, discusses confidence in the economy and capital markets, and the outlook for 2015

M&A grows as UK economy recovers

As the UK economy continues to recover from the financial crash and companies position themselves for growth, mergers and acquisitions are on the rise, writes Rebecca Brace

Taking the wraps off innovation

Packaging plays an essential part in selling, but continues to battle a bad image despite growing demand and ingenious innovation, writes Jim McClelland

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Macmillan and npower in partnership

It’s no secret that corporate philanthropy is changing. Companies from industries as diverse as mining and logistics publish reports describing ambitious goals to contribute not just money, but their employees’ time and skills to the societies in which they operate

Have the best of both worlds

Shrewd investors are discovering the benefits of a well-established platform that offers the lower costs and flexibility of execution-only broking, while providing information and education

Robots, reality and revolution

The largest plant in Poland owned by a global-brand manufacturer of household cleaning products has averaged more than one addition to the production team every week for the last two years. What makes this trend noteworthy is the fact that all 124 new arrivals are robots

A new mix to keep lights on

Tomorrow’s energy market will be the polar opposite of our historical centralised distribution, but we must plan for the future with a clear vision of how innovation and system integration will transform the UK’s energy mix, writes Felicia Jackson

Getting the best from your team

New management structures which empower staff cannot succeed without strong leadership, as Dan Matthews discovers

Building a customer fanbase

Most companies know how to use social media to promote their business, but some are building successful cohesive and supportive online and offline customer communities, who are working almost as hard to back the brand as the paid employees. Hazel Davis reports

Carbon counts so do the maths

Energy efficiency in business not only helps to maximise profits, but by reducing carbon footprint, it also enhances sustainability for the good of the company – and the planet, writes Jim McClelland

Valuing power of UK creativity

The UK has migrated to a knowledge economy, but too few businesses value their intellectual property, from original ideas to brand recognition, as Charles Orton-Jones reports

Making it yourself

Contrary to common perceptions, manufacturing offers opportunities for motivated entrepreneurs with a good product to make and sell, as Charles Orton-Jones discovers

With beauty in mind

Radical changes have taken place in the decade since Dove first launched its “real women” campaign, but in many ways it is business as usual in the beauty industry, as Catherine Turner reports

Wearables revolutionise fitness

A technological fitness revolution is fundamentally changing what we wear, how we work out and our entire approach to wellness, as Kieran Alger reports

Top-ten recruitment tips

Successful business leaders know how to pick winners when recruiting staff. Edwin Smith asks ten of the best for their top tips

Top 10 ways to nod off to sleep

One in five people have trouble sleeping and more than 15 million prescriptions are written for sleeping pills in the UK every year, so Jane Symons asked the experts and examined the latest research to compile Raconteur’s Good Sleep Guide

Ten ways to brighten up business

Five years ago the internet was like the high street with companies selling to consumers. Now it’s central to almost every company’s business, connecting them with suppliers, employees, customers and partners. Stephen Armstrong has our top ten ways the cloud helps businesses with some shop-fresh examples…

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