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Climate change is making us ill

A warming world exacerbates many existing weather and climate-linked health problems, The Climate Group warns

Oil and Gas Forecast

Future exploration and production of oil and gas depend on sustainable prices in the global energy market, as Felicia Jackson reports

Knowing how to seal the deal

Corporate treasurers play a critical role in supporting mergers and acquisitions, particularly for deals involving high-growth markets, writes Sally Percy

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10 disruptive digital innovators

A new breed of digital startups is sending shock waves through important sectors of the UK economy. Established businesses are also adapting to the changing environment by reinventing themselves for the digital age. Leading venture capitalists and industry analysts identify five digital startups worth watching and five established companies transforming for digital. Paul Rubens reports

Challenges as economy recovers

The UK economy may be showing signs of sustained recovery, but many corporate treasurers remain optimistically cautious in their outlook, writes Rebecca Brace

Ten ways to brighten up business

Five years ago the internet was like the high street with companies selling to consumers. Now it’s central to almost every company’s business, connecting them with suppliers, employees, customers and partners. Stephen Armstrong has our top ten ways the cloud helps businesses with some shop-fresh examples…

NHS chases a paperless tiger

For any large organisation, going paperless is a challenge, but when it is cash strapped, under intense public scrutiny and has a dismal history of IT failure, the task looks like mission impossible, writes Michael Cross

Taking care of what's yours

Ownership of intellectual property has transformed most, if not all, aspects of life. Brid-Aine Parnell focuses on six of the best

Zeroing in on waste-free living

With the government under pressure to hit a 70 per cent recycling target by 2020, more businesses must embrace the environmental – and economic – case for zero waste, writes Mike Scott

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Which is more important: process or talent?

Can you afford to choose between people and process for sustainable business growth in the 21st century? Two business leaders present the case for each

'How a patient changed my life'

Gavin Giovannoni, professor of neurology at Barts and the Royal London Hospital, tells of his first exposure to multiple sclerosis, as a fourth-year medical student almost 30 years ago, and the profound effect it had on him

The end of retail as we know it

Supermarkets will go, shopping malls will shrink and high street stores will move mostly online: Retail 3.0 will be a radically altered space, says Danny Rimer

The art of French cinema

The French love affair with the silver screen has produced some memorable and thought-provoking movies, as Jonathan Romney reports

Shades of stardom

When Jack Nicholson was asked by a paparazzo to remove his sunglasses, he inquired of the young photographer, “Are you new at this son?” Josh Sims peeps behind the stars’ shades to explore the relationship between celebrity and eyewear

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The growth of e-commerce

ChannelAdvisor recommends UK e-tailers should seize the opportunity to go global

Africa is on the cusp of an investment boom

Africa has long been viewed as a continent of untapped potential. Now favourable demographic and economic trends are attracting an influx of foreign investment, pointing towards a new era in its development, say Jason Kerr and Rebecca Campbell, partners at White & Case

Harnessing a smarter workforce

For the majority of the world’s population, the last decade has been a time of unprecedented change. Making sense of this new world will differentiate successful organisations from the rest in the first half of the 21st century, says Duke Daehling of Kenexa, an IBM company

Where the money is

As the focal point of new wealth shifts to the East, who are the super-rich and where are they keeping their cash? Elliot Wilson finds out

Tips to transform your business

Four business leaders describe the benefits of business transformation and how to ensure success

'Old' drugs for new treatments

An unprecedented choice of treatments may soon be available in the battle against multiple sclerosis, as John Illman reports

Keeping shoppers satisfied

It makes good commercial sense to keep customers happy and there are some increasingly sophisticated ways of getting the job done, writes Hazel Davis

Wellbeing at work

Staff who feel cared for and looked after are more productive and likely to stay loyal to their organisation, as Sam Barrett reports

Nature is back as cities go green

In the face of climate risk and population pressure, urban greening is helping to build resilience in cities and improve the health of inhabitants, writes Jim McClelland

UK’s nuclear future: look East?

The wheels could be falling off the UK’s plans to build 16 gigawatts of new nuclear generation capacity by 2025 and, as Tim Probert discovers, the country’s best hope for a nuclear future may now lie in East Asia

And so to dream...

The question of how seriously we can take our dreams and what we should make of their content is posed more cautiously and rationally than ever before, as Joshi Herrmann discovers

Into the breach for Nasdaq...

Organisations must be ready for a possible security breach, as Tom Brewster discovers

UK faces up to world of risks

Companies must address a multitude of risks, ranging from global events to internal problems, all of which can hit their profits and reputation, as Leo King discovers

Opportunities to invest in M2M

The technology of machines connected to each other via the internet represents a significant business opportunity, as John Lamb reports

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