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Mobile must put customers first

Online and mobile commerce still have a long way to go to provide a trouble-free customer experience but, as Stephen Armstrong discovers, there are ways of getting it right

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High Impact Talent management ‘High Impact Talent management’

Infographic ranking HR verticals by business priority across 20 countries, top five ways to increase employee productivity, and talent imperatives and challenges for 2015

Mobile payments world view ‘Mobile payments world view’

Infographic charting global trends in mobile payments, including payments made on iOS vs Android and consumer opinion on mobile wallets

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Layering on the pain

Unnecessary treatment and the compensation culture have given corporate rehabilitation services a bad name. It’s time to inject some clarity into the market, says Jonathan Cook, chairman of Corpore – The Treatment Network

Insurers must wake up to digital

The internet is revolutionising the way in which consumers interact with financial services companies, but many in the insurance sector still haven’t fully taken advantage of these changes, says Andy Roberts, group CEO of the Innovation Group

Successful projects start with top talent

Organisations are transforming human resources into human assets by placing emphasis on talent management

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Culture vs perks

Perks have their place, but nurturing company culture and a sense of purpose may be more important, says Peter Cheese, chief executive of the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development

No sign of 'Uber Banking'

The smartphone revolution has radically restructured every industry from booking a trip (TripAdvisor), a room (Airbnb) or a taxi (Uber), but where’s the Uber of banking? There isn’t one yet and consumers will soon defect to new players unless high street banks wake up, says Chris Skinner, chairman of the Financial Services Club

CEO challenges in the new year

Chris Cooper, president of the Management Consultancies Association, and founder and head of Challenge Consulting, sets out priorities for business leaders in the year ahead

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