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A girlfriend who may disappoint

Investing in a star-studded movie can seduce investors into parting with their cash without due regard to risk, writes Sarah Davidson

Shadows within the studio

Tom Vincent, film programme manager at the National Media Museum and a director of Bradford International Film Festival, pulls focus on Japanese crime movies and reviews the work of Yoshitaro Nomura

No longer just cheap labour

As competition from Eastern Europe, China and the Philippines hots up, India is rallying in a bid to maintain its position as a dominant world outsourcing centre, writes Shruti Tripathi

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UK faces up to world of risks

Companies must address a multitude of risks, ranging from global events to internal problems, all of which can hit their profits and reputation, as Leo King discovers

Managing risk of own devices

The advantages of allowing staff to use their own technology at work could outweigh security implications, as Jonathan Weinberg reports

Valuing power of UK creativity

The UK has migrated to a knowledge economy, but too few businesses value their intellectual property, from original ideas to brand recognition, as Charles Orton-Jones reports

'Most wanted' hacker speaks out

One of the most infamous hackers in cyberspace, turned security adviser, tells Edwin Smith that no technology is completely secure

Not failing to succeed

Clarity of purpose and partnership are essential for outsourcing to succeed, as Josh Sims reports

It's win-win for staff and bosses

Failure to engage the effort, enthusiasm and invention of employees is costing the British economy billions, writes Edwin Smith

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Continuing rise of public sector outsourcing?

As government and local authorities look set to outsource even more services, outsourcers could switch their focus to a more lucrative private sector, says Colin Cram, adviser to government, and public and private sector bodies

'Resilient companies succeed'

How well prepared is your organisation to withstand setbacks and crisis? The answer to that question goes well beyond risk management. New research shows that resilient companies are generally more successful and ultimately more profitable. John Hurrell says behaviour is key

Smart companies put people first

How a company treats its staff to retain talent is now the most critical factor in business success, says Andrew Benett, global chief executive of Havas Worldwide

Wealthy give more than governments

Those wishing to give something back to society are no longer content to simply write a cheque and now wish to establish sustainable legacies, writes Fiona Bond

Zeroing in on waste-free living

With the government under pressure to hit a 70 per cent recycling target by 2020, more businesses must embrace the environmental – and economic – case for zero waste, writes Mike Scott

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Africa is on the cusp of an investment boom

Africa has long been viewed as a continent of untapped potential. Now favourable demographic and economic trends are attracting an influx of foreign investment, pointing towards a new era in its development, say Jason Kerr and Rebecca Campbell, partners at White & Case

Valuing the knowledge economy

Intellectual property has risen in prominence as a result of some spectacular corporate failures and major lawsuits. EverEdgeIP’s Dr Chris Donegan asks what impact does it have on a company’s stock price?

Improved business performance

To achieve the best outcomes, you need to understand how the business as a whole is functioning. By collecting and analysing the right operational data, you can see the big picture, mitigate risks and improve performance, says EY advisory partner Ben Taylor

Into the breach for Nasdaq...

Organisations must be ready for a possible security breach, as Tom Brewster discovers

Jobs better done by someone else

Outsourcing can offer specialist expertise, economies, flexibility, security and, not least, innovation, writes Charles Orton-Jones

Facing the wrath of Hollywood

Edwin Smith profiles the controversial internet giant behind the alias Dotcom

Interest rates are key

Pádraig Floyd charts prospects for global investment markets and asks the experts where to put your money

Calming the senses for sleep

Bedroom design, choice of bed and other furnishings, lighting and sound-proofing are all central to creating a restful environment, as Joshi Herrmann reports

Funding the great recovery

The great recession may at last be coming to a close, but signs of recovery must be sustained by freeing the flow of finance to wealth – and job – creators, writes Kathryn Hopkins

Counter risk but enable growth

Risk managers must protect business from catastrophic failure in a way that does not stifle growth, writes Alex Cardno

Enjoying a purple patch

Manufacturing in the UK is enjoying its rosiest period in years with output and orders up, and a wave of new investment expected. Crucially, however, it must take a long-term approach to training and technology, with strategic projects prepared to make short-term losses, writes Will Stirling

What's to be done about big data?

Unprecedented amounts of valuable data are now available for analysis by commercial and public-sector organisations, but this information constitutes intellectual property, writes Trevor Clawson

Can Britain buck its slow export trend?

British business produces some of the world’s most innovative leaders, products and services, yet fails to excel in export markets, as Finbarr Bermingham reports

Five areas to drive competitive advantage

Charles Orton-Jones finds five areas where, without you realising it, a well-managed supply chain can drive competitive advantage

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