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Game-changers are shaking up funding

In a post-crash era of reduced business lending by banks and low interest rates for savers, the scene is set for the spectacular rise of alternative forms of funding, writes James Hurley

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Funding UK Entrepreneurs ‘Funding UK Entrepreneurs’

Infographic mapping the number and location of entrepreneurs across Britain in 2014, the top ten countries for accessing funding and entrepreneurs’ views on improvements in financing options

Smart Home Adoption Rate ‘Smart Home Adoption Rate’

Infographic examining the rise of smart technology in the home, including predicted adoption and spending by consumers, market growth and customer preferences

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Transforming health and social care

The NHS is the gold standard of health services. While that is hugely reassuring to know for those who are ill, as business transformation consultancy Prederi points out, when it comes to preventing illness, the health and social sectors have fallen short

Transforming care through mobile technology

Mobile technology in hospitals will revolutionise clinical processes, enabling staff to achieve higher levels of quality and efficiency, says Paul Volkaerts at Nervecentre Software

Successful projects start with top talent

Organisations are transforming human resources into human assets by placing emphasis on talent management

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Digital holds key for EU’s return to growth

The European Union can thrive by creating a single digital market to compete with the United States, China and India, says Antony Walker, deputy chief executive of techUK

People before buzzwords

People and their complex individual needs are at the heart of every successful business transformation process, says Andy Tinlin, Management Consultancies Association board member

CEO challenges in the new year

Chris Cooper, president of the Management Consultancies Association, and founder and head of Challenge Consulting, sets out priorities for business leaders in the year ahead

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