The future of blockchain in 8 charts

Blockchain, essentially a giant network, which records ownership and value, is being hailed as the second coming of the internet. We break down its future in 8 charts


Tips for effective stroke prevention

Being aware of the risk factors and taking preventative measures can greatly reduce the chances of becoming a victim of stroke


Are drones taking off in online sales business?

Despite issues still to be fully addressed around their safety and security, drones could be delivering goods to homes and businesses in the UK sooner rather than later



UK Fracking payouts miss the point

The UK government is set to offer payouts to communities to try to head off opposition to controversial shale gas developments


Mandela’s party feels the heat from anti-elite voters

Local elections in South Africa have become a vote of no confidence in the African National Congress and its scandal-prone leader, Jacob Zuma


Brexit: we need to talk about migration

The UK government has to try to negotiate a way out of the European Union’s freedom of movement agreements and a place in the single market against a toxic backdrop


Dismantling Trident: the price of peace

The UK parliament is voting on whether to renew Trident, but the cost of decommissioning the UK’s nuclear arsenal would be a tiny fraction of the cost of renewing it.


Nigeria’s new ‘Avengers’ threaten oil supplies

Militants in Nigeria’s Niger Delta have the ability to move oil markets, and a new group has risen up to attack pipelines and disrupt production


Strongman politics persist in the shadow of Operation Condor

A court in Argentina may have convicted former South American dictators for their role in a coordinated assault on freedom of expression, but the continent’s fascination for strongman politics is far from over

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Win-win health plan benefits employees and employers

A health cash plan can boost employees’ wellbeing and cut their time off from work due to illness


Car-sharing is moving into the fast lane

Car-sharing in cities is signalled as the way forward, but London is lagging behind


Natural and organic beauty at an affordable price

Avalon Organics aims to ensure all its natural beauty products are not just safe for people, but also safe for the Earth

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Connected healthcare across the globe ‘Connected healthcare across the globe’

Infographic outlining Future Health Index scores around the world, access to information/ resources and treatment, top countries for healthcare spending and more

The best word in the English Dictionary ‘The best word in the English Dictionary’

Infographic outlining the 40 best words in the English Dictionary as voted for by over 800 of Raconteur's readers

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Make parking an 'appy experience'

The future of parking is an integrated online portal directing drivers to the nearest or cheapest space in a matter of seconds


New blood test gives hope to cancer patients

A new test may be a breakthrough in assessing the best treatment for cancer patients


Wearables are a good fit for healthcare

Medically relevant wearable technology can relieve the overstretched NHS while engaging patients in their healthcare and promoting preventive medicine

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Other farmers look over the hedge

Organic farmers are in the forefront of agricultural innovation – now their non-organic neighbours are looking to learn from their expertise and experience writes Dr Tom MacMillan, innovation director at the Soil Association


Solving the tech collaboration crisis

An innovative combination of cutting-edge technology and sector-wide collaboration is needed to tackle the serious problems facing the pension industry


Humanising the world of work

Businesses must become human-centred, encouraging diversity, engagement, wellbeing, openness and fairness at work and in society

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