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Devising a strategy to grow top talent

An unfamiliar role to some, a chief talent officer may be what your company is looking for to champion staff development, writes Charles Orton-Jones

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UK Manufacturing Factfile ‘UK Manufacturing Factfile’

Infographic highlighting UK manufacturing production in 2014, the value of UK imports and exports to the EU, current expenditure on R&D, and how the UK ranks in comparison to other top manufacturing nations

High Impact Talent management ‘High Impact Talent management’

Infographic ranking HR verticals by business priority across 20 countries, top five ways to increase employee productivity, and talent imperatives and challenges for 2015

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Man and Machine

The key to ultimate legal efficiency is using specialist lawyers in tandem with sophisticated technology, says Daniel Kavan, head of evidence consultancy and managed review at Kroll Ontrack, working with clients across the United Kingdom and Europe

Succession Matters

Effective succession management directly impacts shareholder return and ongoing success for businesses

Power of professional case management

Rebuilding lives is part of everyday life for Keith Bushnell’s team. Their work at HCML helps people to recover from physical and psychological injuries, ranging from minor slips and trips to life-changing catastrophic injuries

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Innovative pricing, shredded ambition

In-house legal teams and law firms should be more accountable for changing self-interested behaviour, says Paul Gilbert, chief executive of LBC Wise Counsel

Manufacturing Innovation

Working alongside government to identify opportunities and challenges, and supporting businesses to address and solve them, is a key driver of the UK economy, says Mark Glover, director of strategy and planning at Innovate UK

Culture vs perks

Perks have their place, but nurturing company culture and a sense of purpose may be more important, says Peter Cheese, chief executive of the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development

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