Dad's Army: the home front

Migration has become a central tenet of the Leave campaign’s appeal to the British public. The message that outside of the EU, the UK will be able to control its borders, has resonated strongly with older voters


UEFA 2016: a truly international tournament

The UEFA Euro 2016 football championships kick off in June. Halfway through the tournament, the UK votes in a referendum to decide whether it will remain in another pan-European organisation: the EU. The 24 team rosters show just how integrated Europe’s football leagues already are. The English Premier League, one of world sport’s financial powerhouses, provides employment for more of the tournament’s players than any other — although precious few English, Welsh or Northern Irish players come from clubs overseas. After the tournament in France is over, a few of those UK-based players could well be looking for new jobs.

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The breadline

After years of austerity, wide-ranging cuts to social safety nets and slow, uneven economic growth, many people in the UK find themselves with so little left over at the end of the month that they struggle to put food on the table. More than eight million people in Britain live in households that cannot always afford enough to eat, according to research from the Food Foundation.


The Month

May 2016: news highlights

From Venezuela's 60-day state of emergency to the Egyptair flight that crashed en route from Paris to Cairo, we chart May's news highlights


El Niño adds to Asia’s climate fears

South-East Asia’s agricultural base is under threat from the unnaturally strong El Niño weather event, which has caused droughts and threatened food supplies across the world


Refugees caught up in Kenya’s security fears

The Kenyan government has said it will close the Dadaab refugee camp, which it claims harbours terrorists from the Somali Islamist group Al-Shabaab


‘The Punisher’ promises Philippines crackdowns

Filipinos have elected the tough-talking mayor of Davao, Rodrigo Duterte, as their president, who promises a violent assault on crime and militancy


Trading blows

An apparent breakdown in negotiations between the European Union and the US - against a backdrop of public protests - shows how, from TTIP to Trump to TPP, trade has become a political hot button

Big Deal

Greece squeezed as creditors mull debt relief

After seven years and billions of euros worth of bailouts, Greece’s European creditors and the IMF still cannot agree on debt relief

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Secured and insured

ArchOver, one of the the fastest-growing B2B crowdlenders in the UK, aims to put lender security first


How convenient delivery can enhance customer experience

Personalised delivery can enhance customer experience and increase brand loyalty when used as an integrated part of the customer purchasing journey


Tech tagging boosts sales

Help is at hand for retailers struggling to keep up with the fast-changing, ever-evolving demands of fashion shoppers – the RFID moment has arrived

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Infographic outlining the importance of capabilities when shopping online, shopping methods preferred for different products and reasons to buy in-store

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New talent pathways

Corporate law firm Addleshaw Goddard is using legal apprenticeships to recruit the best talent from all walks of life


A safer place to trade

How well can you really trust your customer reviews?


Keeping up with pace of change in retail

Long-term growth plans are essential for any retail brand, but in an industry undergoing rapid transformation, driven by constantly shifting consumer trends and digital technology, forecasting what lies ahead has never been more difficult

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Future of fewer but better jobs

The retail industry faces a challenging future of job losses, but has an opportunity to improve conditions for those who remain says Helen Dickinson, Chief executive British Retail Consortium


Understanding true economic value of trademarks

Trademarks and intellectual property play a vital role in developing brands, promoting competition, driving economic growth and protecting consumers says Etienne Sanz de Acedo, Chief executive International Trademark Association


Flexible workplaces fuel economic engine

The future of the workplace is flexible, dynamic and diverse – and the traditional office market ignores this phenomenon at its peril, says Jennifer Brooke, executive director at the BCA

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