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Data And Personalisation

Personalisation is key to increasing customer loyalty

Tailoring services and special offers is a key tool for increasing customer loyalty and is being driven by the digital data retailers can collect online from consumers

Health And Fitness

A health app a day keeps the doctor away

Consumerisation of medical devices not only provides individuals with at-home health monitoring, it also encourages healthy lifestyles and keeps people out of hospital

Professional Development

21st century business learning adapts to workforce needs

Companies are employing intranet learning to educate, train and develop employees, thereby raising standards as well as morale

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Here's a simple way to improve your employees' financial health

Money worries can hamper staff performance so it’s in everyone’s interest to find a better way to pay down personal debt


Be safe and always do the allergy alert test

Beware permanent hair colourants and so-called “black henna” temporary tattoos contain a substance called PPD which can cause an allergic reaction in a small number of people


New technical centre puts quality at the forefront of vision express

A state-of-the-art facility offers an exciting new service for Vision Express customers throughout the country

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The packaging hall of fame ‘The packaging hall of fame’

Conveyor belt of the greatest and most iconic packaging designs throughout history, from brand designs such as the Toblerone, Pringles, the McDonald's Happy Meal and Chanel No 5, to everyday favourites like the ring pull and the milk carton

Employee vs employer views on benefits ‘Employee vs employer views on benefits’

Infographic depicting primary retention drivers according to employees versus employers, top reasons why employers provide benefits, and the 10 most common, and 10 most desired, benefits

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Private jets for corporate travel

Air Charter Service introduces 'the luxury Oyster card of air travel'; a private jet card giving business travelers complete flexibility


Release cash when your business needs it

Innovation from Lombard is unlocking the value of software intellectual property, says Keith Nowland, regional sales director at Lombard Technology Services


Fully focused on owner-managed business

Business owner-managers see a bright future and are investing funds from a wider range of lenders, but eight in ten say they are satisfied with their banking partner

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Becoming agile in face of disruption

Just because you have all the tools in the box does not mean you should use them for every job. Project managers can be justifiably keen to demonstrate their knowledge, but we have to be careful how it is applied


For and against GM

Supporters and opponents of genetically modified food are passionate in their beliefs, but who is more persuasive?


Why are public trust and transparency so important for retailers?

For any company, but particularly one operating in a fiercely competitive market aiming to reach customers on the high street and online, reputation and public trust are of paramount importance to the long-term growth prospects of the business

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