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Sales revenue in focus as economy recovers

It may be emerging from an identity crisis, but selling is gaining centre stage in the drive for business growth, writes Nick de Cent

Selling via Social Media

Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram are powerful selling tools. Charles Orton-Jones knows how to get the most from them

Content marketing merges with sales

Marketing and sales teams are becoming increasingly inter-dependent as the nature of selling changes, writes Edwin Smith

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Low carbon supply chains

With the approaching threat of damaging climate change, and a growing understanding of the need to develop resilience and sustainability, traditional supply chains must evolve to meet the needs of a low-carbon economy, writes Felicia Jackson

Opportunities to invest in M2M

The technology of machines connected to each other via the internet represents a significant business opportunity, as John Lamb reports

Making it yourself

Contrary to common perceptions, manufacturing offers opportunities for motivated entrepreneurs with a good product to make and sell, as Charles Orton-Jones discovers

Paris: the fashion trendsetter

French fashion has evolved from exclusive haute couture for the very rich to affordable high-street style, writes Agnès C. Poirier

Be inspired by UK export success

Dismiss the doubters, banish negative thoughts, get out there and export, writes Charles Orton-Jones

Stay healthy longer

The state of Britain’s health is a cause for serious concern which must be addressed by urging people to take responsibility for their own wellbeing, writes Danny Buckland

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Beauty and the business woman

Creativity in the beauty business is back and being led by enterprising women, says Caroline Neville, president of Cosmetic Executive Women (CEW)

IT skills in Britain's youth

Demand for big data skills are booming, with an estimated 69,000 new recruits needed by the sector over the next five years. But young people risk missing out on job opportunities unless the education and training system can react to plug the gap, warns Karen Price, chief executive of the Tech Partnership

From optimism to catastrophe

It’s acceptable to pull the plug on a project when you’ve done everything right and still it goes wrong, says Professor Eddie Obeng

Pictures make time stand still

At a time when the use of long exposures was the norm, inanimate and motionless objects made especially suitable subjects, writes Miranda Gavin

Hacking the hackers

Digital defence companies are using big data to counter cyber attackers, as Tom Fox-Brewster reports

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Making change easier and effective

A major new survey by PwC has identified five key themes to boost the success rate of change management programmes

Long arm of international law

To date more than one million US and international law graduates have used BARBRI and BARBRI International to prepare for the American bar exams

The growth of e-commerce

ChannelAdvisor recommends UK e-tailers should seize the opportunity to go global

Tips to transform your business

Four business leaders describe the benefits of business transformation and how to ensure success

Taking care of what's yours

Ownership of intellectual property has transformed most, if not all, aspects of life. Brid-Aine Parnell focuses on six of the best

Outsourcing the law gets new look

Originally a cut-price option based on off-shoring back-office functions to lower-paid lawyers or paralegals, legal process outsourcing has evolved from its traditional business model, writes Peter Archer

Using technology to test staff commitment

Once dominated by hunches and feelings, evaluating and boosting staff engagement can now be aided by hard-nosed statistics and technology, writes Jessica Twentyman

Learning to be a professional

Demand for high-level professional development in sales is growing as selling improves its reputation. Nick de Cent reports

Need for speed in data analysis

Consumers increasingly expect companies to anticipate their needs, preferences and buying habits and, as John Lamb reports, big data holds the key. But speed of response in analysing data can provide a critical edge

With beauty in mind

Radical changes have taken place in the decade since Dove first launched its “real women” campaign, but in many ways it is business as usual in the beauty industry, as Catherine Turner reports

The art of French cinema

The French love affair with the silver screen has produced some memorable and thought-provoking movies, as Jonathan Romney reports

Top-ten recruitment tips

Successful business leaders know how to pick winners when recruiting staff. Edwin Smith asks ten of the best for their top tips

Top 10 ways to nod off to sleep

One in five people have trouble sleeping and more than 15 million prescriptions are written for sleeping pills in the UK every year, so Jane Symons asked the experts and examined the latest research to compile Raconteur’s Good Sleep Guide

7 ways to minimise risk of stroke

From genes and gender to age and fitness, whether you smoke or drink, or have other medical conditions, there are many factors which can increase your risk of stroke. Victoria Lambert suggests ways of minimising the risk

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