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Brands must listen to customers – or die

Two-way conversation between companies and consumers, either through word of mouth or on social media, is an opportunity for brands to thrive, writes Maisie McCabe

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Valuing brands ‘Valuing brands’

Infographic charting the UK’s top 10 most reputable brands, the top 20 best global brands by sector and country and the world’s most valuable brands according to Forbes

Smart Home Adoption Rate ‘Smart Home Adoption Rate’

Infographic examining the rise of smart technology in the home, including predicted adoption and spending by consumers, market growth and customer preferences

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What will smart homes mean for you?

The definition of what makes a home is about to change. We are on the verge of a major shift in the way we live and how we interact with our environment. In fact, changes are happening already and the meaning of home is gradually broadening to encompass new things

State of the digital marketer

As the pace of change and innovation in digital technologies continues to pick up, we’re seeing businesses constantly trying to make themselves stand out

A better way to manage your money

Would you like up to 7 per cent return after fees, low charges and investments tailored to your needs?

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People before buzzwords

People and their complex individual needs are at the heart of every successful business transformation process, says Andy Tinlin, Management Consultancies Association board member

Are there votes in digital policy?

Eddie Copeland, head of technology policy at Policy Exchange, reviews where the political parties stand on digital government

Importance of analytics for UK PLC

Organisations that embrace analytics effectively make huge gains which can come from operational cost-savings as well as customer-related activities, says Alys Woodward, practice lead for big data, IDC European IT Group

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