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The Greatest Inventions of All Time

Inventions showcase the best of human creativity, and can almost always be linked to what great ideas came before, as Raconteur found in a survey of over 400 scientists, tech journalists, academics, authors and interested readers

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How the super-rich spend their money ‘How the super-rich spend their money’

Infographic mapping where the world’s millionaires reside, and how they spend their money including top countries for luxury car sales, champagne exports, Michelin-starred restaurants and prime rent rates

The Greatest Inventions of All Time ‘The Greatest Inventions of All Time’

Infographic charting the top 60 greatest inventions of all time, according to Raconteur’s survey of over 400 scientists, tech journalists, academics, authors and interested readers

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Rise of the app economy

Apps have become such an essential part of our everyday lives, it is almost impossible to believe the mobile app market is still a very immature industry – especially where enterprises are concerned, says Paulo Rosado, chief executive of OutSystems

Spot the toxic employee before it's too late

Wouldn’t you want to know if an employee was sabotaging your business? Here’s the tool chief executives are using to nip workplace nightmares in the bud

Top 8 UK demonyms

Brits are an eclectic bunch and there are a whole host of ways to name different people from different places

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Connecting business and opportunities in Europe

Innovative and entrepreneurial strategies that facilitate dynamism within the business aviation industry will deliver economic opportunities, says Fabio Gamba, chief executive, European Business Aviation Association

No sign of 'Uber Banking'

The smartphone revolution has radically restructured every industry from booking a trip (TripAdvisor), a room (Airbnb) or a taxi (Uber), but where’s the Uber of banking? There isn’t one yet and consumers will soon defect to new players unless high street banks wake up, says Chris Skinner, chairman of the Financial Services Club

Tax: A gordian knot of vested interests

Politicians have much to answer for in the current climate of concern over taxing the wealthy, says James Anderson, founder and editor-in-chief of PAM Insight

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