The science behind shopping

Much of what we do when shopping is unconscious, so major brands are asking neuroscientists how packaging can help get inside consumers’ heads


How to promote brand values through packaging

Bold, minimalist pack designs are the latest vogue for mass-market brands as the craft craze of the early-millennium begins to look distinctly passé


How to protect your company from foreign exchange risks

Fluctuations in foreign exchange rates, notably the slump in the value of sterling following the UK’s Brexit vote, mean corporate treasurers may work overtime to hedge against significant potential losses

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The packaging journey ‘The packaging journey’

The packaging industry is undergoing a transformation with the help of both technology and sustainability innovations. However, brands and consumers are both battling between eco-friendly options, and cost. This infographic from our Future of Packaging 2016 Special Report reveals 66 per cent of consumers are willing to pay more for sustainable goods, compared to 50 per cent in 2015. Yet, greater cost is still stopping the majority from purchasing environmentally sound products. View the infographic below for a detailed analysis

Tracking foreign exchange ‘Tracking foreign exchange’

Foreign exchange movements can make or break a company, so understanding the risks and measures to contain volatility can be key to financial success. Current economic and political instability mean that firms involved in overseas trade or transactions cannot afford to delay. This infographic from our latest Corporate Treasury Special Report includes a detailed graph of 10-year currency movements, key factors affecting markets and top challenges faced in managing FX risk.

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Faster, greener packaging for an e-retail age

With online shopping in the UK now exceeding £114 billion a year, demand for packaging is sky-rocketing. Test Valley’s innovative retention packaging design will ensure customers receive their purchases quickly and safely - and without costing the Earth


What does 2017 have in store for sterling?

Against a backdrop of political and economic uncertainty, foreign exchange specialist moneycorp looks ahead to 2017 and the future of sterling


Keeping it together

Why product consistency is vital as physical and digital blurs



Poles apart: the new face of British prejudice

As rising xenophobia in the UK targets Polish migrants, the first generation of Poles recalls a time when they were welcomed as refugees and workers


Clinton’s dealings with Morocco could come back to haunt her

As secretary of state, Hillary Clinton backed a controversial Moroccan plan for its Western Saharan colony - a decision that could stalk her presidency


Ivory suppliers challenge global ban

Several Southern African countries want to be exempted from a 35-year old global ban on ivory trading, threatening a hard-won consensus on the trade in products from endangered animals


Child refugees slip through the gaps

Young refugees waiting at the border between Italy and Switzerland are trapped in a system that is unable to deal with an influx of unaccompanied children entering Europe


Globalisation not entirely to blame for wealth inequality

UN trade expert Mukhisa Kituyi says that wealth inequality and a stagnant middle class cannot be blamed exclusively on globalisation


Refugees are victims of terror and violence, not perpetrators

Ralph Achenbach, country representative of the International Rescue Committee Germany, says that the rise of anti-migrant rhetoric is hindering efforts to resettle refugees

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Making good things better

Amaray is a high-volume, highly efficient, highly automated plastic injection moulding company providing insight, innovation and cost-effective manufacturing solutions across a variety of consumer markets


Accurate data protects against hidden costs of delayed payments

As organisations extend supply chains, utilise more global workforces and expand into new markets, those that strategically manage their international bank and payments data can achieve greater efficiencies while reducing payments risks


Behavioural economics is the future of packaging

The study of how we make decisions and why we choose to buy certain products is becoming the focus of consumer goods companies and retailers

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Innovation for the customer’s good

Regardless of technical innovation, ethical standards must remain relevant to the insurance industry and meaningful to customers


Power your life on World Health Day

The message on World Heart Day, the World Heart Federation’s biggest platform for raising awareness about cardiovascular disease, is it’s easy to give your heart the care it deserves


National Eye Health Week brings visibility to eyesight problems

From September 19 to 25, National Eye Health Week looks at the eye health challenges facing the UK and aims to help people see and feel better, writes David Cartwright, Chairman of National Eye Health Week

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