‘Companies are limited, not liberated, by finance’

Businesses in the UK tend to be risk averse, resulting in a lack of investment which is hampering economic growth


Keyboards that boost your productivity

They may often come as a default, factory-standard model, but the keyboard to your computer can determine how productive you are


“Design thinking” explained

Chief executives who want to drive change should consider putting design thinking to work across the entire organisation, and challenge ideas of leadership and power within their business

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CFO outlook ‘CFO outlook’

This infographic published in The Future CFO Special Report reveals the challenges and opportunities chief financial officers – and their departments – will face in 2017. The graphic reveals key trends transforming business, including industry convergence, rising cyber risk and the "anywhere" workplace. Additionally, the infographic highlights actions finance departments are taking in light of political and economic uncertainty, as well as CFO optimism around the globe

Automating the workforce ‘Automating the workforce’

This infographic from The Future of Work Special Report reveals the impact of robots and automation on jobs. It highlights that North America, Europe and Japan are the countries with most to gain from automation. However, China, ASEAN and Latin America have the most to loose from the global role out of automated processes. Additionally, it shows 31 per cent of employees are concerned robots will take their job, followed by the worry that we will end up relying on robots. For more information scroll down to view the entire graphic

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‘Everything-as-a-service’ economy

Finance chiefs must adapt to a new service economy, says Jeremy Roche, chief executive at FinancialForce


CFOs tackle new challenges with the cloud

Chief financial officers face tough economic and competitive challenges, but using the right technology, they can get ahead of the game


The progressive CFO

In a climate of growing political and economic uncertainty, there has never been a better time for the finance function to demonstrate its value and innovation, says leading corporate performance management (CPM) solutions provider Tagetik



Poles apart: the new face of British prejudice

As rising xenophobia in the UK targets Polish migrants, the first generation of Poles recalls a time when they were welcomed as refugees and workers


Clinton’s dealings with Morocco could come back to haunt her

As secretary of state, Hillary Clinton backed a controversial Moroccan plan for its Western Saharan colony - a decision that could stalk her presidency


Ivory suppliers challenge global ban

Several Southern African countries want to be exempted from a 35-year old global ban on ivory trading, threatening a hard-won consensus on the trade in products from endangered animals


Child refugees slip through the gaps

Young refugees waiting at the border between Italy and Switzerland are trapped in a system that is unable to deal with an influx of unaccompanied children entering Europe


Globalisation not entirely to blame for wealth inequality

UN trade expert Mukhisa Kituyi says that wealth inequality and a stagnant middle class cannot be blamed exclusively on globalisation


Refugees are victims of terror and violence, not perpetrators

Ralph Achenbach, country representative of the International Rescue Committee Germany, says that the rise of anti-migrant rhetoric is hindering efforts to resettle refugees

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The unsung heroes: why your finance team need more support

Automation of business functions can free up the finance team to thrive, says Chris Baker, UK managing director, enterprise, for Concur


The corporate CFO: transformation and alignment with private equity

The once distinct roles of corporate and private equity chief financial officers are now unifying as pressure mounts for accelerated transformation, says Adam Akbar, managing director of Bronzegate Executive Search


The future of purchasing and budget holder management

Powerful software can eliminate paper, unite finance, procurement and budget holders, and provide a real-time picture of company finances

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Bringing diversity into boardrooms

The future chief executive should challenge boardrooms, bring about cultural change, break bad habits and put inclusivity at the top of the agenda


How tech is driving a smarter way of life

To reap the benefits of smart technology, the tech industry must win the trust of consumers who fear their privacy and data may be compromised


Staying ahead of the revolution

The beauty industry is riding the new wave of e-commerce, but must stay ahead of the curve with new skills to achieve success

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