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HIV ignorance is still cutting lives short

Today is World Aids Day, a reminder that HIV has not gone away and there is still a vital need to raise awareness, fight prejudice and improve education


Crafting timeless British luxury

British luxury has a perennial allure, but the industry faces challenges in a sometimes volatile global market


UK retirement savings still falling short

The UK has never been a likely setting for revolution, but its pension regulation has experienced reform on a scale unsurpassed since Henry VIII executed a hostile takeover of the Church

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Legal professionals seeking more efficiency

As the billable hour is set to become a distant memory, how can lawyers optimise their time and expertise with the support of technology?


A time traveller's tale from 2022

Travel in the future could be very different. Enabled by the internet of things and on a flat rate for all modes of transport, our daily commute and business trips could be combined in one clever, convenient and economical contract – Mobility as a Service (MaaS). Supported by innovative and cutting- edge Kapsch technology, hypothetically, this is how life might look…


The chance to start your own business

An opportunity for aspiring entrepreneurs to set up their own business with dedicated support and training from Amway

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African Aids pandemic far from over ‘African Aids pandemic far from over’

Infographic mapping global AIDS related deaths, number of people living with HIV, percentage of adults receiving antiretrovial treatments and targets for 2020

New technology shaking up law firms ‘New technology shaking up law firms’

Infographic charting the use of technology in law firms including the top 10 innovations law firms are making, hurdles to adoption, and IT priorities for 2016 and the next decade

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Innovation and excellence

Eighteen months since it opened, PHI Clinic is the pride of Harley Street offering patients the highest standards of aesthetic excellence in the UK


Where's the value? Strategic intellectual property management

Managing intellectual property is an intensifying challenge for managers in almost any industry


A trusted partner to manage currency risk

With currency markets in flux, it’s important to put a foreign exchange strategy in place – with the right advice and broker

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Customer demand calls for agile retail supply chains

Omnichannel shopping and greater customer expectations require the retail supply chain to adapt – fast, says Dr. John Lockton, Managing Director of LCP Consulting and Management Consultancies Association (MCA) board member


Litter is about laziness, not about packaging

Although packaging is not the biggest litter problem, industry leaders are campaigning to clean up Britain’s streets, says Jane Bickerstaffe, director at INCPEN


Meeting demand to buy UK exports abroad

The government is calling on businesses to back its export drive and put the UK at the forefront of global trade, says Lord Maude, Minister for Trade and Investment

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