Articles from the report - Big Data

Information overload turns to big data

Volumes of data which once caused computers to crash are now being put to work to fuel the information economy, as Guy Clapperton reports

Best Practice

Creating data-driven workforce

Handling big data may be a daunting prospect, but Kate Bassett has some useful tips for getting the most out of astronomical amounts of information


A question of driving big data

Mike Brockman, chief executive of insurethebox, tells Sean Kelly how telematics is transforming the motor insurance industry

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Making the most of intelligence: get mobile Business Discovery

Sean Farrington, UK managing director of QlikTech, tells how staff can be better equipped to deliver more on the move

Mobile Bi

Moving the boundaries of data consumption

Mobile business intelligence gives senior managers constant access to important information enabling them to make key decisions on the move, as Rod Newing reports


Opening up public and business data

Professor Nigel Shadbolt, government adviser and co-leader of the forthcoming Open Data Institute, explores the potential of open government data, and increased public and corporate transparency

Case Studies

Big success stories of big data analytics

Rod Newing reports on three organisations that have successfully deployed big data analytics which is now driving value and revenues forward


Analysing the customer and using social data

Data has been described as the new oil; it is a valuable commodity which, when correctly analysed and accurately targetted, fuels business, as Sean Kelly reports

Cloud Computing

Seeing big data through the cloud

The challenges of cloud-based big data storage can be outweighed by the considerable opportunities it offers, as James Silver discovers in conversation with leading executives in the sector

Expert View

What’s so big about big data?

Harvard Business School’s Thomas H. Davenport urges British business to seize the opportunity big data presents to surge ahead of competitors

Privacy And Security

Balancing privacy with intelligence

Big data analytics have been described as a natural progression from cloud computing, which has effectively liberated organisations from data storage limitations. But possible invasion of individuals’ privacy is a matter of concern, writes Joanna Goodman

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