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Consumers are defining brands

OVERVIEW In a fast-changing world, where social media is influencing consumer demand, brands are adapting to new market conditions, as Jason Hesse reports

Focus on building consistent brand

CONVERGENCE Marketing, public relations and customer service have traditionally existed separately in silos but, as Jane Simms reports, they are increasingly coming together

More with less is business as usual

EFFECTIVENESS Brand and marketing professionals are being asked to do more with less as budgets are restricted by economic recession and multichannel selling makes greater demands, writes Jane Simms

Messy culture makes neat brands

SPONSORED FEATURE Culture tells us about our identity, our relationships and our behaviour. It shapes what we need and want. Yet brands rarely bother to look into this cultural world, as Andy Dexter and Leanne Tomasevic at Truth Consulting explain

Difference between myth and reality

CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE The Chartered Institute of Marketing’s latest benchmark study of top brand executives at more than 100 leading international companies explores how to bridge the gap between promise and reality, as head of insights Thomas Brown explains

How long is a piece of string?

VALUE Measuring brand equity is essential to improve return on investment, but what should you measure? Communication, marketing and public relations struggle to show meaningful measures: awareness, visibility and likeability simply aren’t strong enough to show business value, writes Kate Hilpern

Offence and defence in powerful digital age

REPUTATION Raymond Snoddy examines how social networking websites, such as Twitter, have transformed reputation management for organisations operating in a digital age

Balancing global clout and nous

STRATEGY Companies are increasingly tapping into foreign markets and yet they are struggling to export their reputation, writes Kate Hilpern

Fulfilling the brand promise

CONSISTENCY Brands must strive for consistently high quality and control their identity without killing local flexibility, as David Benady reports

Call to action for brands with sustainable potential

SUSTAINABILITY Lucy Shea, chief executive of Futerra Sustainability Communications, explains how “planet brands” can engage consumers and help save the Earth

Open platforms are launch pads for collaboration

EVOLUTION Marketing and media consultant Greg Satell charts the development of brands against the background of technical innovation

Banking on lessons from Libor

STEWARDSHIP Professor Chris Bones, of Manchester Business School, discusses the role of directors in ensuring good governance and upholding a brand’s reputation

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