Brand and Reputation Management

The rapid rise of digital platforms, in particularly social networks, have handed consumers a megaphone to promote their favourite brands and equally complain to millions when they are unhappy with a product or service. Consequently, it’s vital businesses monitor and react to these conversations to avoid a possible reputational crisis. This Brand & Reputation Management Special Report, published in The Times, investigates social media crisis strategies, how to grow your business and keep to original principles, as well as what organisations can learn from Donald Trump. In addition, the report reveals how to monitor online conversations that affect your brand, top social media tips for 2017, and the worrying rise of counterfeit medicines that are killing people - and brands

Brand and Reputation Management

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December 2016 Download Report
Brand and Reputation Management
Articles from the report - Brand and Reputation Management

What businesses can learn from Trump

With Western politics left reeling from its second major disruption of 2016, it’s time to consider what these signals of change mean for businesses


The rise of the viral brand crisis

Angry consumers with a justified reason to complain, with the megaphone of social media, and cyber fakers attempting to damage a brand’s reputation mean companies must have a counter strategy


How to harness the power of social media in 2017

Senior executives must familiarise themselves with social media, where news travels fast, and learn how to harness its power – here’s how…


Importance of online reviews

Why online reviews matter and can affect the reputation of a megabrand


Try not to make a brand disaster out of a crisis

The way the leader or public face of a company handles a crisis can make or break a brand. Here are two examples of how not to do it and two of how it should be done


Monitoring online conversations that affect your brand

In the age of social media, executives must stay in touch with online conversations affecting their brand and be ready to respond with a genuine human touch


Counterfeit medicines killing people and brands

Fake medicines are killers and can destroy a genuine brand unless manufacturers do more to protect themselves and the public


Do the right thing with greater purpose

In the minds of loyal customers, brands assume an added importance and can become a force for good which must be upheld


How to grow your business and keep principles

What does it take to expand a successful enterprise or brand from small beginnings without losing its original appeal and following?


Monitor what’s being said about you

Media intelligence software can keep a company ahead of the game and help protect brand reputation


Importance of brand reputation in the digital age

You need an online strategy to counter any attempts from fraudsters trying to hijack your brand on social media, says Charlie Abrahams, senior vice president at MarkMonitor


Revealing connections that identify commercial-scale counterfeiters

Technology developed by intellectual property lawyers can track down counterfeiters

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