The Business of F1

Formula 1, home to the world’s most famous drivers and the most prestigious brands in motor racing, is the most-watched annual sports series with 425 million television viewers globally last year. This special report looks under the bonnet of F1 to analyse the business behind the sport, from how much it costs to stage a grand prix to the wide-ranging benefits of partnership deals. It also reveals how the sport's revenues keep motoring forwards and the motorsport technology making its way to a road near you

The Business of F1 2016

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The Business of F1 2016
Articles from the report - The Business of F1

How much does it cost to stage a grand prix?

With just 21 races on the Formula 1 calendar, staging a national grand prix gives the host nation the keys to a very exclusive club


Creating two-way traffic with F1 partnership deals

Consumer and business-to-business brands that partner with Formula 1 teams pay big bucks and get different types of bang for their money


The road cars using grand prix technology

How much is winning the Formula 1 title really worth? A lot, according to Toto Wolff, boss of reigning champions Mercedes. Christian Sylt and Sam Hall speak to the former racing driver


Singapore in pole position for hospitality

September’s Singapore Grand Prix is a date for your business diary


4 lessons businesses can learn from F1

There are few working environments quite like the high-speed, high-pressured world of Formula 1, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t lessons to be learnt by other businesses


Formula 1 revenue races to new record

As the cars line up for the start of the 2016 Formula 1 season at theAustralian Grand Prix in Melbourne, F1 is accelerating towards future growth, despite controversy on and off the track


Tv audience and marketing keep F1 going

According to the latest figures, Formula 1 teams made a combined £217-million net loss in 2014 – so why would anyone want to invest in them?


The shareholders keeping F1's wheels turning

For good reason, Formula 1 is often seen as more of a business than a sport – with big money at stake


Sir Jackie Stewart on how F1 has changed

Three-times Formula 1 champion Sir Jackie Stewart, who founded an F1 team which he sold to Ford in 1999 shares his views on the sport in 2016 with Joe Diamond and Kate Hewitt


The importance of Monaco for F1

Some say the Monaco Grand Prix brings more to F1 than F1 brings to Monaco. That may be true. Christian Sylt and James Newbold report


Racing on the information super highway

BT is helping Williams Martini Racing improve the speed of its digital technology and data processing


How sponsorships really work

Sponsoring a Formula 1 team is much more than getting a logo on the car


Shaping the future of design with industrial 3D printing

Formula 1 and the aerospace industry are blazing a trail using industrial 3D printing to create innovative engineering parts


Luxury yachting: the only way to experience the grand prix

The ultimate way to watch the Monaco Grand Prix has to be from the sumptuous deck of a luxury yacht moored tantalisingly close to the heart of the action

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