Edwin Smith

Edwin Smith

Writer and editor, he has contributed to The GuardianThe IndependentThe Independent on SundayThe Sunday TelegraphLondon Evening StandardCity AM, Esquire and Private Eye. He tweets @EdwinSmith.  

Articles from Edwin

The rapid rise of robots replacing workers

History may teach us not to stand in the way of technological advances revolutionising the future of work, but the lesson to be learnt is progress should benefit the workforce


An interview with the man in charge of the purse strings

Computer technology giant Dell’s chief financial officer Tom Sweet tells how he sees his role as a “co-pilot” to the company’s boss Michael Dell


An interview with an ethical hacker

Jamie Woodruff is an ethical hacker who helps companies keep out cyber criminals trying to break into computers to steal their money and secrets


Lord Browne: The importance of being yourself in life and work

John Browne, Baron Browne of Madingley, best known as the former chief executive of BP, saw his career with the energy giant end in 2007 when he was outed by a tabloid newspaper as gay – his third book, The Glass Closet, carries the subtitle 'Why Coming Out Is Good Business'


Virtual reality boosts students’ results

Virtual and augmented reality can enable teaching and training in situations which would otherwise be too hazardous, costly or even impossible in the real world


'Our machines won't destroy the world' says Naveen Rao

For anyone trying to understand the past, present and future of artificial intelligence or AI, taking a look at Naveen Rao’s career would be a good place to start


Serving up a fresh new delivery of ideas

Supply chain supremo Roger Hassan opens the lid on HelloFresh and the success of the food box company that delivers fine dining to customers’ doors


The team effort behind Arsenal's Emirates Stadium

Star project manager Paul Mitchell at engineering consultants Arcadis tells how he netted success building Arsenal’s Emirates Stadium


Meet the top 20 hottest payment companies

Payments companies are proliferating, but some stand out from the crowd. Here are 20 of the best, from Google Wallet and Apple Pay, to Snapchat


Effective leaders inspire with stories

Leaders who can tell the story of an enterprise and communicate how employees working together make a difference will succeed in engaging their staff


Business case for private jets

The idea of travelling by private jet can ring up dollar signs, but there are savings to made, especially in the use of a busy executive’s time


The rise of YouTube and video marketing

Video marketing, pioneered online by YouTube and coupled with the spread of smartphones, has put brands and their products in the palm of the consumer’s hand


Investment tips from Mike Lynch

Mike Lynch, one of Britain’s most successful software entrepreneurs, tells Raconteur what to look for when investing in technology companies


The war for talent

Attracting, developing and retaining the most talented staff members is a major business investment


Best of British Manufacturing

It might be a long time since anyone described the UK as “the workshop of the world”, but the country is still the eleventh largest manufacturing nation and the sector accounts for 54 per cent of exports, directly employing 2.6 million people. Raconteur showcases some of the businesses that have shown the innovation, growth and brand value to be recognised as the best of British


Many battles to win the war for fitness

A veteran of the Afghan war tells Edwin Smith of the day he was wounded in action and describes his fight back to health


25 fintech companies set for stardom

From payments to investment service providers, Raconteur takes a look at 25 of the top fintech companies in the world


High-tech future of marketing

Advances in technology have made mobile marketing a powerful tool which simply cannot be ignored, as Edwin Smith reports


Blurring boundaries at work

The nature of work continues to evolve, often driven by technological innovation, and is now an “anywhere, anytime” culture, writes Edwin Smith


New ways of working are a win-win

Profit is driven by creativity, innovation and productivity, each of which relies on an engaged workforce motivated by their work environment, writes Edwin Smith


Getting back into the swing of golf

Golf as enjoyed by the well-heeled is in good shape, but overall public participation has faded. Edwin Smith looks at ways of correcting the dip in popularity


Exclusive beauty is golfers' paradise

It boasts Europe’s longest hole, a winery, historic chapel and castle, as well as executive accommodation. Edwin Smith travelled to Castiglion del Bosco near Siena in Tuscany to meet Massimo Ferragamo (pictured) who owns this exclusive new golf course


Whistleblowing in the corporate world

Stories of whistleblowing can be like espionage thrillers, shining light into dark corners of the corporate world where the stakes are high, writes Edwin Smith


Time for business transformation

The way we work and the companies we work for are changing faster than ever – there’s never been a better time to transform


UK businesses under threat

Right now, there is a unique opportunity to bring the way we live, share, connect and create into the workplace


The business case for change

Transformation isn’t just about being a forward-thinking company for the sake of appearances – it has a direct impact on the bottom line, and the long-term viability of your business


Biggest drivers behind digital transformation

Increasingly, at work, people expect the same slick, powerful technology and the same efficient, flexible methods that they’ve become used to as consumers. In short, they expect to work the way they live


Better leaders key to productivity

Cultural changes are forcing companies to think and act differently – and managing them is essential to business success


Content marketing merges with sales

Marketing and sales teams are becoming increasingly inter-dependent as the nature of selling changes, writes Edwin Smith


Rise of the machines

Edwin Smith takes a glimpse of the future in conversation with technology pioneer and futurologist Peter Diamandis


Shopping on the move

Personal technology continues to change the way we shop, but how can e-retailers improve the experience? Edwin Smith reports


UK's position in the digital economy

The digital economy, spawned by the internet and the electronic technology accompanying it, is increasingly important to the UK, writes Edwin Smith


Advertising in a digital era

Greg Satell worked in media and advertising across Eastern Europe before returning to the United States as a consultant with a focus on digital, and writing regularly for Forbes and Harvard Business Review. He tells Edwin Smith what digital means for advertising


Content marketing is for experts

If content marketing is to succeed, it must be expertly done, writes Edwin Smith


Expert tips for beauty online

Beauty industry boss Joel Palix tells Edwin Smith of his company’s online strategy


Troubleshooting transformation

Ian Winham, chief financial and chief information officer of £78-billion imaging and electronics company Ricoh, talks to Edwin Smith about problems encountered in finance transformation projects – and how to overcome them


Facing the wrath of Hollywood

Edwin Smith profiles the controversial internet giant behind the alias Dotcom


'Most wanted' hacker speaks out

One of the most infamous hackers in cyberspace, turned security adviser, tells Edwin Smith that no technology is completely secure


It's win-win for staff and bosses

Failure to engage the effort, enthusiasm and invention of employees is costing the British economy billions, writes Edwin Smith


Successful leadership with AKQA

Leadership has an indisputable role to play in engaging staff to give their best, as Edwin Smith discovers in conversation with a top business executive


They don't make them like they used to

Contrary to some perceptions, traditional materials used in packaging have a future, as Edwin Smith discovers


Flexible approach suits business

Edwin Smith looks inside the agile company to discover how to make the transition to a better way of working


Top-ten recruitment tips

Successful business leaders know how to pick winners when recruiting staff. Edwin Smith asks ten of the best for their top tips


Monstrous growth is mind candy

Founder of kids’ entertainment company Mind Candy, creators of Moshi Monsters, Michael Acton Smith answers a Raconteur Q&A devised by Edwin Smith

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