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The Electronic Cigarette

The Electronic Cigarette

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The Electronic Cigarette
Articles from the report - The Electronic Cigarette

E-cigarettes sparking controversy

DEBATE Since their emergence around five years ago, the rapid expansion of e-cigarettes has provoked controversy, and challenged the tobacco and pharmaceutical industries alike, writes Simon Brooke

From ‘electro fag’ to e-cigarette

BEGINNINGS Invented less than a decade ago, “vaping” now has its own high street retailers and even a TV channel, as Josh Sims report

New 'cig' on the block

MARKET DISRUPTION Both the traditional tobacco sector and the smoking cessation market are being challenged by the e-cigarette, while regulators are struggling to define this fast growing new product and develop controls, as Simon Brooke discovers

Tradition and a brave new world

COMPARISON E-cigarettes have offered those who want to give up conventional cigarettes an alternative to nicotine replace therapy, writes Katie Burnetts

But is it as good as the real thing?

REVIEW A convenient, healthier alternative to tobacco? Or a new-fangled instrument of torture? Journalist Nick Lezard, followed by actor Ade, describe their very different experiences of e-cigarettes

Standing up for lighting up

OPINION Tobacco smoking aids conversation and stimulates creativity, claims Rory Sutherland, one of its most ardent fans. But now that it’s in decline, can e-cigarettes offer an alternative?

‘Peace, love and vapour!'

CULTURE They talk about “cartos” and “smoke juice”, and sneer at “analogue” cigarettes. Josh Sims explores the cultural and social sides of e-smoking

At the vanguard of ‘vaping’

INTERVIEW Ellie Mae O'Hagan talks to Katherine Devlin, founder of the e-cigarettes trade body ECITA, about regulations, health risks and pizza-flavoured “vaping”

Safer than smoking but questions remain

RESEARCH Brad Rodu, professor of medicine at the University of Louisville, who researches tobacco harm reduction, says e-cigarettes should not be banned

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