Financial Services Technology

British financial technology companies have seen a six-fold increase in investment over the past three years making the City of London a strong contender for the title of global centre of wealth-generating innovation. From seamless payments to mobile banking, the financial services technology scene is increasingly focusing on improving customer experience. This report looks ahead to a cashless future, the power afforded to banks by big data, and five customer engagement lessons to be learnt from other sectors. It also charts the finance behind fintech

Financial Services Technology

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Financial Services Technology
Articles from the report - Financial Services Technology

Bridging the generation gap with mobile banking

Digital financial services may appeal to all ages but for different reasons so providers are tailoring varied offerings to a wide range of customers


Are we heading towards a cashless future?

What the future holds for financial services may be the stuff of present-day science fiction – or something far more revolutionary


Banking on keeping secrets and trust

If banks use the financial “secrets” they know about us, is this an invasion of privacy or a useful way of helping us manage our finances?


Innovative approaches for the customer era

Traditional finance business models are being crunched by macro-economic events, but KPMG sees opportunities ahead


5 Lessons Fintech could learn from other sectors

The financial services industry may have a thing or two to learn from technological innovations in other sectors


Can Britain be a fintech world leader?

The government is urging the UK financial technology sector to power ahead and create a global centre of wealth-generating innovation and excellence


Banks under pressure to deliver when investing in new tech

Banks may have antiquated IT systems yet they make massive investments in technology innovation – a paradox that can make or break institutions


New payments tech is oiling wheels of trade

Fast developing technology is enabling shared financial infrastructure which can streamline cross-border payments and facilitate greater international trade


Towards collaborative disruption: fortune favours the bold

A wave of innovation is sweeping across Europe as financial technology startups begin to collaborate with established companies to shake up the sector, says Pat Patel, content director, Money20/20 Europe


Banking on a better customer experience

Michael Plimsoll, industry marketing director at Adobe, urges banks to keep pace with continual advances in technology


Tool up with e-disclosure

Epiq, the world’s leading name in e-disclosure, is helping compliance officers in financial services upgrade their technologies and processes to make disaster detection a manageable job


Brave new world for banking

Banks must stand strong on customer service in the face of digital disruption, says Guenther Meyringer, head of Avaya Professional Services in Europe

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