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Articles from the report - Funding Britain's Growth

Making the most of commercial finance

ANALYSIS As Chancellor George Osborne’s £20-billion credit easing scheme for small businesses gets off the ground, critics argue the plan will make little difference to cash-starved firms, writes Elliot Wilson

A question of funding

Q&A Founder of the School for Startups, Doug Richard is at the forefront of entrepreneurial endeavour. Dan Matthews asks the business mentor and original TV Dragon how best to finance growth

A solution to the credit crunch?

ASSET FINANCE A gloomy risk outlook and hesitant consumer spending has weighed heavy on the asset finance industry, but this type of borrowing could still be the best bet for cash-strapped companies, as Dan Matthews reports

Online dragons help to make a killing

NEW LENDING MODELS Banks are no longer the only game in town. A host of new firms have sprung up offering small businesses an alternative route to finance. Kate Bassett looks at six of them

How to cope with a cash squeeze

CASH FLOW More than three years on from the financial crisis and Britain’s legion of smaller companies, the lifeblood of any economy, still face an uphill slog when it comes to sourcing enough cash, writes Elliot Wilson

Finance boom time despite the slump

INDUSTRY REACTION For many businesses hit by a cash-flow crisis in recent years, commercial finance has been the difference between survival and going under. As a result, the commercial finance industry has recorded strong growth, even at the recession’s peak, writes Jason Hesse

How to negotiate a loan with your bank manager

STRATEGY Josh Sims brushes off his best suit, polishes his business figures and knocks on the bank manager’s door

Economy adapting to ‘new normal’?

OUTLOOK As a period of low interest rates looks like coming to an end, businesses could find it harder still to secure finance, warns Charles Orton-Jones

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