Funding Britain's Growth

The UK’s alternative finance industry was worth £1.74 billion last year, up from £267 million in 2012, and has arguably been the fastest growing sector during the economic downturn. Nonetheless, traditional financing routes remain the big players in town, with less than one in ten companies attempting to secure capital from a non-bank source. This report explores the major political parties’ funding proposals for small and medium-sized businesses, the UK’s trade deficit, investing in British startups, the benefits of equity crowdfunding, and the funding lifeline needed for the creative industries

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Articles from the report - Funding Britain's Growth

Game-changers are shaking up funding

In a post-crash era of reduced business lending by banks and low interest rates for savers, the scene is set for the spectacular rise of alternative forms of funding


Manifesto pledges to help smaller businesses

The major political parties are out to get votes and in return are promising to boost funding for small and medium-sized businesses


5 public finance options for businesses

Raconteur reviews five top public finance options for British businesses


Expert advice worth millions

Generous tax credits are available to UK businesses undertaking research and development programmes, but without help many companies are not seeing the full benefit. It’s time that changed


Exports make business stronger

As UK exports show worrying signs of a slowdown, the government is anxious for smaller businesses to venture overseas


New darlings of the investment world

Tax changes and developing investment channels have focused the investor spotlight on startups, so much so the moneymen are ploughing more cash than ever into new ventures


Strengthening UK’s business backbone

The UK’s medium-sized businesses are the backbone of the economy: despite making up less than 2 per cent of all companies, they generate almost a quarter of private-sector GDP and employ one in every six people


Creative nation needs funding lifeline

Lenders need to understand the nature of creative industries and support their potential for economic growth


Exploring equity crowdfunding

Equity crowdfunding is a democratisation of investing and, although a relative newcomer, it is a valuable source of alternative finance


Delivering finance that fits

Leading asset finance provider Lombard is proud of the strong relationship it has developed with its customers and has a rich history of helping businesses achieve their goals with its extensive suite of products


Backing business with transparent transaction costs

Too many businesses are in the dark over bank debit and credit card transaction charges, says Annecto UK


Getting to know you

A bespoke personal banking service should not be reserved for big corporations only, says Shawbrook Bank

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