Future of Outsourcing II

Outsourcing is getting a makeover. No longer does a mere mention immediately conjure up images of call centres in faraway lands, rather outsourcing is increasingly showing its potential to provide value to businesses and boost the UK economy. This report maps ten top outsourcing destinations, including nearshoring for UK firms in Eastern Europe. It also examines the impact of robotic automation on the business process outsourcing sector and the selling power of added-value services

Future of Outsourcing 2015 II

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Future of Outsourcing 2015 II
Articles from the report - Future of Outsourcing II

Revealing the added value of outsourcing

Despite challenges, notably from in-company automation, outsourcers have the opportunity to up their game and expand


Outsourcing gives a big boost to the UK economy

It may be sometimes maligned, but outsourcing can bring major benefits to the UK economy in terms of jobs, growth and increased productivity


Outsourcing is no longer a dirty word

Outsourcing was once synonymous with cost-cutting and job losses, but has now come of age as a valued service


Current state of outsourcing relationships: the watermelon effect

The world of business and IT outsourcing is changing at a rapid pace. The need of the hour is a fresh approach towards innovation, automation and customer centricity


Make way for new outsourcing ecosystem

Kerry Hallard, Chief executive, National Outsourcing Association discusses the new technologies and business models transforming convention


Top 10 emerging markets for outsourcing

A number of countries are catching up India and other traditional outsourcing destinations. Here is Raconteur’s pick of the newcomers


Are robots a threat to the outsourcing industry?

Robots are threatening to undercut the outsourcing sector as almost everything that can be outsourced could be automated


Outsourcing now offers creative solutions

Outsource providers can turn their hand to almost anything, delivering specialist expertise on demand


Nearshoring: Europe is the new services hub

Companies in the UK are increasingly bringing their outsourced processes nearer home as Europe rises as a service hub


How to negotiate the perfect cloud contract

Cloud contracts can be fraught with dangers. Here’s a guide to what to demand and what to avoid


How IT outsourcing can add value

Companies should demand more from their outsourced IT providers who should act like business partners and product developers – as with fast-growing Ukraine-based provider N-iX

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