Skincare and Dermatology

Flawless skin is probably the most desirable human feature, symbolising our physical health and fertility. The UK spent £1.07 billion on skincare last year, a 17 per cent increase since 2009. This report explores the latest innovations in the skincare industry, such as DNA-testing offering personalised skincare treatments, medical-grade cosmetics - so-called cosmeceuticals - containing active ingredients clinically proven to work on the skin, the role of wellness supplements in preserving healthy-looking skin and how the dangers of overexposure to the sun outweigh the benefits of vitamin D intake

Skincare and Dermatology

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Skincare and Dermatology
Articles from the report - Skincare and Dermatology

£1bn skincare market is a healthy business

Forget must-have Birkin bags or stylish Saint Laurent sneakers, flawless, even-toned skin is the latest status symbol


Healthy diet is the elixir of youth

Whether they are effective or not, the appetite for supplements underlines the glaringly obvious fact that the Western diet needs a dramatic overhaul


DNA-testing kits revolutionising skincare services

With the rise in affordable DNA-testing kits, the skincare industry is using the technology to offer a personalised skincare service


Less is more: get the natural look with Revere

In recent years, non-invasive cosmetic procedures have evolved as the number of patients opting for non-surgical treatments has risen


Stay healthy and avoid exposure to the sun

Vitamin D from sunshine is good for the skin and body, but overexposure to the sun’s harmful rays comes with the risk of developing melanoma and other health problems


The changing face of ageing

As more older women reject frozen faces and pillow cheeks, there are new approaches to ageing well


Clinically proven cosmeceuticals are big business

Skincare is moving into a new era of cosmeceuticals – medical-grade skincare cosmetics containing active ingredients clinically proven to work on the skin


Clamping down on cosmetic cowboys

Moves are underway to regulate the non-surgical cosmetic industry, but the need for greater safeguards against poor practice remains a serious concern


Venn Healthcare: raising the standard in aesthetic medicine

When it comes to high- tech beauty treatments, it’s not just the device that matters, but also the clinic and therapists using it


Achieve the effect of youthful and hydrated skin

We all know that as we age, we start to see changes in our faces. Those fine lines appear and ultimately what was taut and tight succumbs to gravity, says Sherina Balaratnam


Tailor made to suit your skin

Your skin, your formula – a bespoke serum can now treat skin conditions and minimise side effects


Switch your skin back on

Is your skin looking dull, tired and losing its bounce? It might just need a wake-up call


An Austrian approach to skincare: invest in beauty from within

One of nature’s best-kept anti-ageing secrets, the element silica, has been a constant in skincare routines across Austria and Eastern Europe for decades. Now its incredible benefits are finally penetrating the UK market with the launch of a new silica-abundant skincare brand called Sönd

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