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Articles from the report - Going Global I

South America’s powerhouse spreads faith in growth

OVERVIEW Latin America’s development strategy is focused on increasing public and private investment to boost its international competitiveness, as Joe McGrath reports

Latin giants set to surprise doubters

ECONOMIC LANDSCAPE As the world is gripped by economic crisis, Latin America could be a long-term haven for investors who can benefit from favourable exchange rates, writes Joe McGrath

Mastering rules, regulations and taxes will pay off

BUSINESS Red tape and taxes could be discouraging, but as Charles Orton-Jones discovers, these are obstacles which can be overcome

Big four lead Latin American economic surge

REGIONAL GROWTH Latin America’s transformation over the past ten years is well documented, but four major economies in particular have had a significant influence on the rapid growth in the region. Brazil, Mexico, Colombia and Chile have been responsible for the bulk, but the reasons why each country has achieved success, while related are not identical, writes Joe McGrath

Bonanza could fuel future

OIL AND GAS Large oil and gas reserves could ensure prosperity and South America’s place at the top table of global producers, writes Rob Langston

Racing to turn darker shade of green

RENEWABLE ENERGY South America has an impressive track record in the race to secure sustainable green energy supplies and, as Clare Gascoigne discovers, is striving to stay out in front

Investors building on housing boom

PROPERTY Despite recent caution in the market, demand for housing remains strong in South America and, as Elizabeth Pfeuti reports, there are profits to be made

Carnival welcome awaits Olympics and World Cup

CULTURE Soccer’s 2014 World Cup and the 2016 Olympics will draw people to Brazil where a sunny, laid-back lifestyle should appeal to many, writes Ana Santi

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