Legal Efficiency

Traditionally thought of as lumbering elephants, taking decades to change pace and direction, law firms are recognising that alternative business structures and new technologies are the passport to business survival. This report focuses on the future of artificial intelligence, mobile technology, data analysis and social media in the legal profession, the benefits of e-discovery, client confidentiality and billing in the digital era, and the role of legal process outsourcing (LPO) as more than cost saver

Legal Efficiency 2015

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Legal Efficiency 2015
Articles from the report - Legal Efficiency

Tech is driving force of legal shake-up

A seismic shake-up of the legal profession is altering the very structure of the traditional law practice


Role of artificial intelligence in law

Robots are unlikely to replace lawyers in court, but they can prepare papers for hearings


How safe are files from hackers?

Client confidentiality is a cornerstone of the law, but does an era of digital leaks and data breaches threaten privacy?


Man and Machine

The key to ultimate legal efficiency is using specialist lawyers in tandem with sophisticated technology, says Daniel Kavan, head of evidence consultancy and managed review at Kroll Ontrack, working with clients across the United Kingdom and Europe


Law is going mobile

The legal profession is largely adopting mobile technology, but problems remain for lawyers on the move


Do law firms fit the bill?

How law firms and barristers bill clients can be a bone of contention, with evermore varied pricing mechanisms, but there are better ways of charging


Innovative pricing, shredded ambition

In-house legal teams and law firms should be more accountable for changing self-interested behaviour, says Paul Gilbert, chief executive of LBC Wise Counsel


Legal process outsourcing builds business

Once viewed primarily as a way of cutting costs, legal process outsourcing has much more to offer


Growth of E-discovery

E-discovery and e-disclosure have been embraced by the law, but which is the best software and what is left to learn?


What tomorrow may bring the law

What do corporate clients expect from the law firm of tomorrow and what steps are firms taking to meet those expectations?


Point of information

Skilful analysis of big data not only informs law firms’ decision-making, but can also add value for clients


Advantage and legal risk of social media

Law Society council member Peter Wright warns of dangers when businesses interact on social media


Modernising the courts

Court systems around the world are under unprecedented pressure to cut costs, and tackle age-old challenges of delay, inefficiency and ineffective cases


Outsourcing: Regulatory and litigation game-changer

Advances in litigation technology are careering along so quickly they are bound to trigger profound changes in the traditional structure of law firms and the emergence of new types of providers, predict those at the forefront of the techniques


New time capture systems speeds up lawyers' daily 'time trial'

Accurate and timely tracking of lawyers’ hours is crucial for a law firm to remain competitive, says Tikit

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