Low Carbon Business

The case for running an efficient, carbon-conscious enterprise has never been stronger. The government target to reduce UK greenhouse gas emissions by 80 per cent before 2050 is fast-tracking the ‘green’ transformation of businesses; increasing energy efficiency and company bottom lines as a result. This report takes a look at how cloud technology, big data, low carbon supply chains and investing green is building business resilience whilst reducing carbon footprint.

Low Carbon Business 2014

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Low Carbon Business 2014
Articles from the report - Low Carbon Business

Carbon counts so do the maths

Energy efficiency in business not only helps to maximise profits, but by reducing carbon footprint, it also enhances sustainability for the good of the company – and the planet, writes Jim McClelland


How to ensure business resilience

The financial crash and events such as Hurricane Sandy and the flooding which engulfed parts of England and Wales illustrate the importance of companies ensuring they are resilient to possible shockwaves, as Mike Scott reports


Being energy conscious needn't cost the earth

Going green makes good business sense, says Robin Hale, director of the Energy Services and Technology Association (ESTA)


Green buildings - good business

The demand for environmentally friendly office space and the hunger among investors for profitable low-carbon investments is driving business at Threadneedle Investments


6 new technologies cutting carbon footprint

Ingenious new technologies are helping to cut carbon footprint, as Jim McClelland discovers


Low carbon supply chains

With the approaching threat of damaging climate change, and a growing understanding of the need to develop resilience and sustainability, traditional supply chains must evolve to meet the needs of a low-carbon economy, writes Felicia Jackson


Look what's in store for sustainable retail

Raymond Snoddy talks to the Marks & Spencer executive who is making sustainability pay dividends for the high street retailer


Why carbon trading has slumped

It was heralded as a major weapon in an armoury to be deployed against global warming and climate change by lowering greenhouse gas emissions, but carbon trading has stalled, writes Celestine Cheong


Is your investment green?

Will Oulton, global head of responsible investment at First State Investments, analyses investors’ strategies and examines their green credentials


Cleaning the cloud

Rapid growth of cloud technology has been accompanied by vast energy demands and concerns about its associated environmental impact, as Flemmich Webb reports


Measuring greenhouse gas emissions

The importance of analysing and managing the carbon footprint of a business can be measured in cost-savings as well as limiting environmental damage, writes Louise Bateman


Taking ownership of the energy equation

The world is caught on the twin horns of an energy and emissions dilemma, says Schneider Electric


Threat to UK competitiveness

Steve Barker, head of energy efficiency and environmental care for Siemens Industry Sector UK, discusses the need for a more radical approach in implementing industrial energy efficiencies

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