Made in France

Despite two terrorist attacks in Paris last year, France retains its title as the world’s top tourist destination, with visitor numbers rising to an all-time high in 2015. France is also a trailblazer in innovation, home to thousands of disruptive tech firms and entrepreneurs keen to make their mark. With plans to build the world’s largest startup incubator in Paris, the capital has been dubbed the new Silicon Valley and is at the forefront of a technological revolution that will undoubtedly shape France’s future. It is clear France’s allure as a world leader in luxury, culture, creativity and gastronomy is still as strong as ever

Made in France

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Made in France
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France then, now and in the future

Rich in history and tradition, France offers record numbers of visitors a mix of old and new with high-tech attractions and futuristic architecture


The spirit of France is more than its wine

As one of the world’s leading producers of wine, it’s easy to forget that beyond its thousands of vineyards, France has a booming sector in other alcoholic drinks


Place Vendôme: no place quite like it for Parisian chic

There can hardly be a more glamorous and glittering address than the Place Vendôme in Paris, a square teeming with world-class jewellers, well-toned security guards and celebrity visitors


The spirit of Paris

One fine cognac captures the spectacle, splendour and sophistication of France


Bordeaux, Nantes and Marseilles: three bright stars on the horizon


Exporting French lifestyle and know-how

French exports span a wide range of goods and services, from aerospace and luxury, telecoms and cars to biros, razors and disposable lighters, bringing in multi-billions to the national economy


Kick-starting a digital revolution

France is kick-starting its digital economy with government backing, training for coders and engineers, and investment in startups to create a tech cluster with the aim of rivalling Silicon Valley


Sharing art and french savoir faire

Compelled by budget cuts at home, French museums are looking overseas to establish outposts – in return for foreign cash


French couture online at affordable prices

This is a very French story – one of constant innovation through tumultuous times, one of style and effortless chic in which women have played a central role

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