Made in the USA

The USA has the world’s largest economy, pervasive soft power and an undeniable global consumer influence. However UK visitors to the States have dropped by 16 per cent since 2008, despite annual tourism levels rising to 70 million post-recession. This report explores the UK’s special relationship with America, investigating the sharing of UK sports stateside, the dominance of American TV drama and key developments in transatlantic trade. It also reveals how the USA is leading the way in cultivating technological innovators and attracting the world’s intellectual capital.

Made in the USA

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Made in the USA
Articles from the report - Made in the USA

British appetite for American cool

Maybe there’s mutual respect, but the special relationship between Britain and America seems to be as much about UK reserve seeking US cool, writes Valerie Denny


The startups of Silicon Valley

America is an undisputed leader in technological innovation and is forging new links with creative centres in the UK, as Courtney Boyd Myers reports


American culture rules the world

US international influence may be exerted through the shock and awe of its military might, but America also has a formidable arsenal of “soft power” expressed in culture, education, diplomacy and aid, writes Michael Goldfarb


US immigration counsel in heart of London

Companies expanding to the United States should seek professional advice from US immigration lawyers who can smooth the way to living and working in America


Take a trip stateside

Visitors to America’s great cities are spoilt for choice, but Billie Cohen has an itinerary beyond the usual suspects


TV takes a starring role from film

Hollywood’s glitter may have dimmed of late, but a new wave of American TV drama is shining light on living in the USA, as Jonathan Romney reports


Game-changer for transatlantic business

Jeffries Briginshaw, managing director at BritishAmerican Business in London, asks who knows what is TTIP?


US is top destination for learning

The United States is the world’s top destination for students studying abroad who, as well as gaining practical skills to take home, assimilate American culture, writes Michael Goldfarb


Bridging US and UK sport

Once separated by the Atlantic, American and British sports are now building a bridge over the ocean, as Jeff Cockrell reports


Expressway to US law

A preparation programme for US bar exams, customised by Barbri International, is launching the careers of lawyers around the world


United States visa law update

Despite the best of intentions, the US is working against itself to give visas to the world’s best and the brightest

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