Made in the UK

A revival and reappreciation of British products, both at home and abroad, has thrust “Made in Britain” back into the limelight. But what does the label really mean? Quality, timelessness – and a quirky bit of flair? This report celebrates the best of British craftsmanship and culture, from luxury goods and fashion to Michelin-starred cuisine, and films taking the box office by storm. It also highlights 21 of the most influential British men and women to shape minds and lives around the globe

Made in the UK

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Made in the UK
Articles from the report - Made in the UK

Why Britain can still call itself great

Britain as a brand is difficult to assess, yet it is clear the “Made in Britain” label carries a cachet and value worth celebrating


Crafting timeless British luxury

British luxury has a perennial allure, but the industry faces challenges in a sometimes volatile global market


21 Brits changing the world

From starring on YouTube to discovering the elemental source of matter in the universe, Brits are at the top. Here are Raconteur’s 21 most influential British men and women, each with an extraordinary power to shape minds and lives around the globe


Feeling the quality

The English company, with a claim to inventing the T-shirt, is expanding to export their quality clothing around the world


Why British films move world audiences

Defining what makes a film British is tricky, but from Bond to The King’s Speech to The Inbetweeners, ours is an industry that still punches above its weight worldwide


Serving up British cuisine to the world

Once the laughing stock for its “meat and two veg” dinners, Britain now serves up Michelin-starred cuisine


The chance to start your own business

An opportunity for aspiring entrepreneurs to set up their own business with dedicated support and training from Amway


Rosie's 'leftover' brainwave

A family farm in Somerset, with a famous name, likes to do things the right way

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