M&A Outlook

This year saw the value of mergers and acquisitions hit a record global high of £2.79 trillion and the upward trend is projected to continue in 2016 as confidence improves across boardrooms worldwide. This report examines the top five big-money sectors for M&A, the rise of tech startups with a pre-planned exit strategy and the volatility of business valuation. It also explores the building pressure on private equity managers to put cash to work, and the increasing importance of due diligence and compliance

M&A Outlook 2016

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M&A Outlook 2016
Articles from the report - M&A Outlook

Why doesn't Google just buy Twitter?

As speculation grows surrounding the sale of Twitter, we explore the implications of a Google buy-out


Golden year for M&A with more to come

Mergers and acquisitions have this year hit record levels, following the Great Recession, and 2016 looks set to continue the upward trend


Abundance of cash sees rise in mega deals

The global mergers and acquisitions market is buoyant in a sea of cheap cash, pushing prices ever higher


Predator or prey? UK in world of M&A

As Bureau van Dijk prepares to launch a new Predator Index next year, in which inbound and outbound deal activity will be tracked, Lisa Wright, managing director, M&A products, examines the UK’s place in the world of mergers and acquisitions, and reviews recent deals and trends across the globe


Private equity under pressure to put their cash to work

Prospects and targets in 2016 for private equity are likely to be shaped by the huge demand from institutional investors experienced during recent years


Top 5 sectors for M&A in 2015

Mergers and acquisitions are breaking records worldwide, but four sectors – financial services, telecoms, pharmaceuticals and computer manufacturing – are blazing a trail


Due diligence: making sure there are no nasty surprises

Pre-deal checks should not only examine company accounts, but also programmes to comply with national and international regulation


How to value a business

By consensus there seems to be no exact science of business valuation, but there are strong pointers to follow


Europe's powerhouse: UK middle market

The state of middle-market and private equity investment in the UK and Europe is on an upward swing, but stabilising, says Gary A. Labranche, Association for Corporate Growth president and chief executive


Startups are targets in technology acquisition sprees

Ambitious technology startups may be launched with the aim of being bought out by a larger rival, fuelling a tech acquisition spree


Future of private equity

Private equity is enjoying huge success at the moment, but investors need to look at the latest trends within this strong growth story, says Mark O’Hare, chief executive of Preqin, the alternative assets industry’s leading source of data and intelligence


Data rooms: room for improvement

Data rooms play an essential role in successful M&A deals, but their performance leaves much to be desired, argues Mark Edge, managing director of Brainloop UK, the secure enterprise information company


Standard data room index to speed up M&A deals

In the fast-changing transaction market, those who turn a blind eye to technology will miss the train of excellence

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