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Photography as Art

Photography as Art

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Photography as Art
Articles from the report - Photography as Art

Focus on photographic images

INTRODUCTION Michael Pritchard, director general of the Royal Photographic Society, plots the progress of photography to a fully accepted art form

Digital painting with pixels

TECHNOLOGY Like art, photography has always been driven by experimentation and innovation, writes Kevin Carter who describes the leap from analogue to digital

Pictures make time stand still

STILL LIFE At a time when the use of long exposures was the norm, inanimate and motionless objects made especially suitable subjects, writes Miranda Gavin

New era of photo printing beckons

PRINTING Tim Rudman tracks the continuing development of photographic printing from darkroom to digital ‘lightroom’

Keeping up appearances

PLATINUM PRINTING A Victorian printing process is making a comeback and, as Richard Freestone reports, is delivering images that will last for ever

Beauty that’s hard to classify

ART FORM Sue Steward explores the definitions of photography as art with the focus on three enduring images

Hurricane blows in change

SHARING PHOTOGRAPHY The globalisation and democratisation of technological innovations, including online social media, have created new opportunities, writes Jonathan Shaw

Keeping up with Bolt

SPORT Karen Fuchs tells how she became a sports photographer and of her encounters with Olympic champion Usain Bolt

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