Powering the Future

The UK’s energy projects are worth a total of £218 billion in the Treasury’s national infrastructure plan, amounting to over 58 per cent of the total budget. Yet Britain’s renewable energy investment boom has consistently been overlooked. With global energy demand on the rise and nations competing in the clean energy race to combat climate change, this report takes a look at government policy on energy, the UK’s energy mix, new energy technology, and explores new finance channels within the sector.

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Articles from the report - Powering the Future

Welcome to the energy transition

The UK may at last be approaching a new age of grand transition as sustainable clean energy moves on to the balance sheet, writes Jim McClelland


To the left and right of energy policy

Energy is a central cost of the UK economy and is, therefore, a political football, as Mike Scott reports


A new mix to keep lights on

Tomorrow’s energy market will be the polar opposite of our historical centralised distribution, but we must plan for the future with a clear vision of how innovation and system integration will transform the UK’s energy mix, writes Felicia Jackson


Hydrogen is an intelligent energy choice

Energy security and access to affordable power is essential to the functioning of modern economies, but meeting the world’s growing need for energy will require more than $48 trillion in investment over the next two decades


Power stations of the future

Power Stations are using new technologies to produce energy, writes Felicia Jackson


Financing the energy sector

New channels of finance are opening up in the energy sector alongside traditional funding routes, as Mike Scott discovers


UK is on course to meet energy targets

Energy Secretary Ed Davey (pictured) gives Raymond Snoddy an optimistic progress report on his Cabinet portfolio


Dazzling rise of solar energy

The sun is the source of affordable renewable energy with the potential to power the entire world, writes Ben Willis


Clean technology offers new hope

The Government should choose a future of renewable energy and ditch carbon pollution that is fuelling global warming, says Greenpeace UK climate and energy campaigner Lawrence Carter


Energy tech to watch

Flemmich Webb researches five top energy technologies with a promising future


From continental shelf to high street

What connects the Continental Shelf, some 150km off the coast of Lincolnshire, with new apprenticeships in Fife or money being rung through shop tills in Hartlepool? The answer is gas; in particular, the Cygnus field, operated by GDF SUEZ E&P UK with partners Centrica Energy and Bayerngas UK


Future built on talent, creativity and innovation

At Rhead Group, we have invested significantly in attracting and retaining the best industry talent across the energy, power, defence and infrastructure sectors

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