Powering the Future

The coalition government committed to becoming the “greenest government ever” and in 2014 the share of UK electricity generation from renewable sources hit a new high of 19.2 per cent. Yet the UK is set to miss its European Union target of sourcing 20 per cent of all energy from renewables by 2020. This report takes a look at uncertainty over the UK energy mix, solving the country's energy "trilemma", decarbonisation, new energy storage technologies, disruptive energy innovations, and the future of wind, solar, nuclear, hydro and tidal energy

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Articles from the report - Powering the Future

Next-generation energy

With the UK under pressure to plug a looming energy gap and at the same time meet targets for clean renewable energy, power may be shifting to a new generation of consumers


Solving the UK energy trilemma

It is widely believed that transforming the energy industry into a clean, low-carbon business implies significant cost and risk to security of supply – not so


New storage technologies for energy on demand

Just as the variable output of renewables is becoming an issue of grid management, a raft of technologies has emerged to support their expansion through energy storage


Minding the energy gap

The UK is heading for an energy crisis, with power stations closing down at a faster rate than a replacement energy mix is coming on stream. And as planning and design consultancy Barton Willmore points out, many of the factors that are widening the energy gap are also deterring the very people who could help close it, renewable energy developers and investors


Uncertainty over UK energy mix

The focus on ensuring a secure and stable energy supply presents challenges while there is uncertainty over the future direction of UK government policy


Don't underestimate the force of water power

As an island nation, the UK has a largely predictable power source on its shoreline which should not be underestimated


Can we make coal greener?

As a fossil fuel, coal pollutes the atmosphere, but what are the prospects in a cleaner age for this source of energy which has been a mainstay of electricity supply for so long?


'Scotland hardest hit by wind subsidy cut'

Scotland’s Energy Minister has hit back at the UK government’s decision to end subsidies for new onshore wind farms a year early


Ten disruptive energy innovations

Gone are the days when cleaner energy was viewed as a fad – now innovations in energy production, storage and use look set to become mainstream


Fuel cells fit for the future and ready now

Change is the only constant. The global power market is in a state of flux, with competition running high, as oil prices sink low and the shift towards distributed generation shakes up traditional models of centralised supply


UK energy mix: time for a firm hand on tiller

Government has control over the future UK electricity mix, but the choice is limited and being clear would reduce costs and create more British jobs, argues Matthew Knight, strategy director at Siemens Energy, UK

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