Product Lifecycle Management

Many C-suite executives view the Product Lifecycle Management process as the engineering department’s black box – but PLM opens up opportunities for companies to ensure their processes are aligned and efficient. This report draws attention to the implications of a truly collaborative Product Lifecycle Management network, whilst examining the big new market sectors for Product Lifecycle Managament and understanding the role of virtual reality and servitisation in advancing product development strategies and service after the sale.

Product Lifecycle Management 2014

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Product Lifecycle Management 2014
Articles from the report - Product Lifecycle Management

Big savings from love of lifecycle

The merits of a collaborative approach to developing products, concern for a product’s total lifecycle and the benefits of customer feedback, have pushed product lifecycle management into new sectors of mainstream business, as Will Stirling reports


Joining the dots can spark innovation

More than just another class of business IT, product lifecycle management is helping companies benefit from ideas across the whole organisation and stimulate innovation, writes Lindsay Clark


Singing from the same hymn sheet

Successful product lifecycle management depends on close collaboration, often on a global scale, as John Lamb reports


Engineering for the future

You can’t engineer the future with yesterday’s PLM, says Peter Schroer, chief executive and founder of Aras


Supporting the 'circular economy'

The infinite remanufacturing of everything taken from the ground or created is but one notion of the “circular economy”, says CIMdata’s Peter A. Bilello


Take a walk on the virtual side

Virtual reality and advanced visualisation, using high-powered computers, is revolutionising product development, writes Malcolm Wheatley


Conquering world of product data

The sheer volume of data – production of a car involves more than100 million lines of computer code – is driving businesses across sectors towards a system of managing product lifecycle, as Leo King discovers


Bringing production and service together

The servitisation of manufacturing, when companies supply services as well as products, provides firms with more revenue streams and a hedge against a downturn, writes Professor Tim Baines


Are you experienced?

Four executives share their experience of introducing product lifecycle management into their company. John Lamb leads the discussion


Only one version of the truth

Linking software systems to make better use of disparate data pays dividends, as Malcolm Wheatley reports


Maximising value from investments

The potential of product lifecycle management is well known, but most initiatives fail to deliver the anticipated benefits. Those that do, realise value from their investments shows five common characteristics, says Jacky Frankreich, Tata Technologies’ PLM solutions director


Fashioning new lines for retail

Complicated product development should flow smoothly from stage to stage and incorporate customer feedback on social media, says Dassault Systèmes


Is your retail business ready?

Retailers trading in a dynamic business environment face challenges which require a collaborative approach to product lifecycle management, says TradeStone

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