Public Sector Technology

Recent political events, notably Brexit, have meant digital has slipped down prime minister Theresa May's to-do list. However, it’s vital digital government remains a high priority for the Conservative cabinet in order to protect the future of the public sector. This Special Report includes the high-tech treatment saving the NHS, how digital is transforming the classroom, and cyber-security measures that protect the state and its citizens

Public Sector Technology

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Public Sector Technology
Articles from the report - Public Sector Technology

Digital governance slipping from Prime Minister’s priorities

Government commitment to digital services must not be distracted by events, notably Brexit, if the public sector is to reap the benefits of technology


How technology is helping save the NHS

Technology may sometimes be perceived as a bitter pill, but it is the medicine that could yet save an ailing NHS


UK authorities war on organised hackers

Mobilising cyber-security measures is a central part of protecting the state and its citizens, presenting a daunting task for UK authorities


Through the looking glass: turning digital fantasy into reality

Introducing tech solutions can not only cut costs, but also improve services


Why is tech transformation in the public sector slowing down?

Transforming the public sector into a digital powerhouse began with a full head of steam, but may now have lost volition


Government needs to keep pace with digital natives

Technology in education is transforming schools and how students learn, but educationalists warn funding is tight despite government claims that provision is at an all-time high


5 councils using tech to cut costs

Technological innovations are saving cash-strapped councils millions of pounds and at the same time improving services for council taxpayers, including some vulnerable residents


Delivering future public services

Public services are being transformed by digital technology, but much more can be done to fulfil the vast potential and create a connected, digitally enabled UK


Why Bristol's a city of the future

Famed for its marine and aerospace engineering, Bristol is now a front runner in digital technology which is revolutionising the city’s public sector


SDN: a not-so-secret ingredient for transforming government services

Software-defined networking or SDN is the key to opening up ICT change programmes


Cloud paradigm

How Certus is helping Whitehall adopt Oracle Cloud services


Adaptable technology for the UK’s future

We are only scratching the surface when it comes to digital transformation


Don’t kill traditional security – build on it

The cyber-security landscape is changing before our eyes, says Joe Kim, senior vice president and chief technology officer at SolarWinds


Software is mobilising the NHS

Innovative mobile communications technology and software are saving lives at hospitals up and down the country, says Paul Volkaerts, founder and chief executive of Nervecentre


New tech era for town halls

Civic centres may appear to be behind the technology curve compared with the private sector, but they could soon be pioneers of leading-edge systems that until recently were relegated to the realms of science fiction

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