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Raconteur Special Reports

Published in print in The Times or Sunday Times and online at raconteur.net, Raconteur's special reports reach and influence some of the most powerful decision-making audiences in the UK and worldwide, being read by high-level policy-makers, C-suite leaders, ABC1 consumers and business professionals. Our reports are editorially independent – each is comprised of approximately ten articles commissioned from our curated network of editors, journalists, industry experts, opinion formers and academics across every industry. A Raconteur report therefore provides an ideal environment for brands and service-providers to profile themselves within a unique context that's both specific to their niche and in the national spotlight.

7 in 10

times readers have read
a raconteur report

17 Minutes

time the average reader spends reading a raconteur special report


of times ceo readers have
read a raconteur report

Getting Involved

We work with over 500 brands each year, who advertise, sponsor content, or partner with us. Each special report contains a small selection of advertisements and three sponsored articles, with the total commercial space hitting a ceiling of only 30% of the total report. Whether it's a blue-chip brand that's advertising their market leadership with an advertising 'wrap' or a company just launching in the UK market who want to use a full-page advertorial to start conversations with the right stakeholders, we advise and assist all brands who work with us on the best strategy, design and placement – and the best way to maximise their ROI post-publication.

The stats behind Raconteur Special Reports

9 in 10

regular readers have mentioned a Raconteur report to someone else


of Times readers who read a Raconteur report saved it for future reference


of FTSE 250 times readers changed their opinion on a topic or issue as a result of reading raconteur content


of FTSE 250 Times readers who had an opinion think Raconteur reports are a good place for brands to advertise


of readers felt more familiar or comfortable with brands seen advertising in Raconteur reports


Readers considered finding out more information after reading a raconteur report


of readers took an issue raised in a raconteur report to board room level meetings


of times readers think raconteur special reports have better content than any other newspaper supplement

*source: Differentology survey of Times and Sunday Times readers March 2014

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