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Content marketing; now what?

Content marketing has taken off in recent years. Now it's our chance to refine our strategies, gain value from our existing assets and take a look at what trends are just around the corner

Kummatti Kali mask-dance

Indian theyyam artists performing the Kummati Kali mask-dance as part of the annual Onam festival in Thrissur, southern Kerala in September. The Hindu harvest festival of Onam, lasting up to ten days, celebrates the legend of King Mahabali, who was sent to the underworld by the fifth avatar of Vishnu, but visits Kerala once a year to ensure his people are still happy and content. PHOTO: ARUN SANKAR/AFP/Getty Images


Rebuilding Rio's Olympic heart

As the Olympics loomed and Brazil’s economic boom sputtered to an end, Rio De Janeiro embarked on a massive urban development programme, aimed at creating a lasting legacy from the Games, but the overhaul has created huge tensions between people and profit


Cheering a star experience

The Heineken Experience is an innovative multimedia tour of the company’s history and brewing processes at its original site in the centre of Amsterdam – and it’s getting rave reviews


The consequences of rising carbon emissions

2015 was a record-setting year, with average temperatures more than 1ºC above pre-industrial levels – halfway to the 2ºC limit that world leaders have pledged not to breach. Carbon dioxide emissions rose by their largest recorded year-on-year jump. Other indicators, including sea surface temperatures and arctic sea ice coverage, showed alarming deterioration. These grim trends have continued into 2016, with month after month of record-breaking temperatures


Uncertain times for the UK sugar industry

The UK’s sugar industry faces an uncertain few years as the country extricates itself from the EU, which has supported it against the vagaries of the international market, highlighting the complexities of Britain’s future trade agreements