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Tech is transforming teaching and learning

Education technology is a booming market as schools, colleges and universities launch into a new era of teaching and learning


Apprenticeships prove a popular alternative to the cost of university

Once the poor relation in education, apprenticeships could be set to make a sustained comeback with greater status and value as more organisations sign up to an attractive alternative to mainstream university courses


Professional development is key to advancing your career

Future-proofing your career is a tough call, but continuous learning and professional development is a good, if not essential, place to start


Students paying high fees want a better experience

Along with increased fees, students now have consumer rights in higher education, pressuring universities to raise standards and improve the learning experience


Analysing training data can help staff learn on the job

Technology to help businesses transform their training for a wide range of staff remains patchy, but its wider adoption is inevitable


Gamification can engage staff and help professional development

A useful way of engaging staff and measuring results in a workplace learning programme, gamification may be entering a new wave