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6 big pension mistakes you should avoid

Pension saving is daunting enough, especially for younger workers with other priorities, so best practice is a must to get the most from your investment


Early retirement a thing of the past for UK's 65 year olds

With disappointing pension payments, more people in the UK are working beyond the age of 65, making early retirement for many a thing of the past


UK pension schemes are playing catch-up

Compared with pension schemes around the world, the UK has some catching up to do, notably in reducing administration costs and increasing returns to members


Brexit shock wave hits pension investors

The full impact of Britain’s vote to leave the European Union has still to be felt, but uncertainty continues to affect pension investments as challenging times may lie ahead


How tech can boost pension saving

Digital technology offers a route to boosting engagement with saving for retirement to a reluctant public who unfortunately turn off at the mention of pension schemes


Dangers remain in pensions revolution

More people are now saving for their old age as auto-enrolment into a pension scheme takes effect, but there remain potential potholes along the road to a comfortable retirement