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Smart observations about the future

Being a futurist in a fast-moving digital age can be tricky, so Gerd Leonhard doesn’t do predictions – he makes smart observations


How AI will change buyer behaviour

Websites powered by artificial intelligence are set to transform buying behaviour and increase spending as consumers rely more on smart digital shop assistants


5G is key to UK digital development

Despite some disappointing 4G connections, the government is planning a 5G internet future as the launch pad for the UK’s digital economy


Soon your internet history may be public

New government legislation ushers in an era of internet surveillance which will impact individuals and organisations


Why consumers are now dependent on digital

Few contend the ubiquitous nature of digital, but do businesses truly understand the scale of its influence on consumer behaviour?


What marketers need to know about video in 2017

It’s tipped by some as the future of communications and marketing, yet the success of video may depend on whether it suits the smartphone’s small screen