UK Fintech

With an estimated value of £20 billion, fintech is now the UK’s fastest growing industry and London has become the fintech capital of the world. A whole new wave of highly disruptive startups has forced established firms to rethink their business model and innovate before they are outpaced by emergent firms with greater agility. This report explores the blockchain revolution, and the innovative startups challenging financial services firms and inspiring collaboration between established firms and fintech newcomers. It also profiles ten top fintech lenders and the democratisation of the financial services sector brought about by tech innovators

UK Fintech

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UK Fintech
Articles from the report - UK Fintech

Blockchain is more than the second coming of the internet

A technology which is essentially a giant network or ledger is set to impact the world of finance and beyond, transforming the way we transfer value, data and much more


Top 10 fintech lenders

If you’re moving away from traditional lenders, where are the best deals in the fintech sector? Here’s a guide…


Small fish swimming in the big fintech pond

Tech innovators are democratising the financial services sector by opening up banking and investment opportunities to ordinary people


UK's light touch blazes a trail

A go-ahead and can-do attitude by UK regulators is promoting the fintech sector as a worldwide beacon


Data liberation army is freeing up banks

Financial technology firms are helping banks to free data, which was once held in fragmented systems, and realise its potential value


Rebundling UK financial services

Open online banking platforms are enabling fintechs to collaborate using innovative technology to offer their services alongside those of banks


Big banks can learn from small startups

Traditional financial institutions are partnering with agile startups and learning to adapt to their customers’ raised expectations in a digital age


Getting a piece of the fintech action

Faced with growing competition from innovative new startups, established financial services firms are seeking ways of collaborating with the fintech newcomers


Technology is taking the payments world by storm

A single view of money, simplification of cash movement and the ability to make intuitive decisions from real-time data are proving essential for small businesses, says Mike Carbone, general manager of Sage Payments

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