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UK Manufacturing

Despite its vast economic contribution across many key industries, there remains to be a general misconception around the importance of the UK manufacturing sector. With policy makers and economists alike noting the importance of having a diversified economy, the sector is coming under increasing pressure to perform. This report answers significant questions around technology, funding, innovation and competition in manufacturing.

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Enjoying a purple patch

OVERVIEW Manufacturing in the UK is enjoying its rosiest period in years with output and orders up, and a wave of new investment expected. Crucially, however, it must take a long-term approach to training and technology, with strategic projects prepared to make short-term losses, writes Will Stirling

March of the makers

GOVERNMENT FUNDING State support in boosting UK manufacturing is central in rebuilding the country’s economic fortunes, as Marcus Leroux reports

Finance from the in-crowd

FUNDING New sources of finance are available for innovative companies who want to expand and create jobs, writes Charles Orton-Jones

Companies made to serve

SERVITISATION Economic constraints and the need for constant reliability have created a new industry within manufacturing – servitisation. Professor Tim Baines of Aston Business School explains

Don't go ape over German success

MITTELSTAND As Britain considers mobilising her own “mittelstand” of growing mid-sized companies into a collective force, Germany’s original model remains the gold standard for success. But it could be folly to try to copy Germany, writes Will Stirling.

UK in race to make up lost time

TECHNOLOGY The UK is playing catch-up in the global race to modernise manufacturing technology, but there are some British front-runners, writes Peter Marsh

Advanced manufacturing: getting what you want

MASS CUSTOMISATION Advanced manufacturing techniques are enabling greater personalisation of products on a mass scale, as Peter Marsh reports

Best place for innovation

OPINION An evermore stratified global marketplace will provide opportunities for small, innovative UK companies to play a greater role in high-value manufacturing, says Will Barton

The UK is flying high with Airbus

Q&A It’s big business and crucial to the UK economy, but Chris Johnston asks what Airbus can do for smaller companies

Making it yourself

ENTREPRENEURS Contrary to common perceptions, manufacturing offers opportunities for motivated entrepreneurs with a good product to make and sell, as Charles Orton-Jones discovers

Collaborative success for UK manufacturing

COLLABORATION Innovation in UK high-value manufacturing is on the rise, says Catapult

Perfect production

SPONSORED FEATURE Andrew Kinder, industry marketing director at Infor, says manufacturers should get connected before embracing 3D printing in the quest for “perfect production”

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