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Unified Communications & Collaboration

Unified Communications & Collaboration

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Unified Communications & Collaboration
Articles from the report - Unified Communications & Collaboration

In touch and ahead of the curve

OVERVIEW The need to be in touch, on the move as well as at home and in the office, is a business reality in an evermore competitive world, as Guy Clapperton reports

Engaging new lines of communication

IP TELEPHONY Switching to an internet-based telephone system not only cuts costs but also offers significant improvements in efficiency and customer service, as Jessica Twentyman discovers

A picture can say more than words

VIDEO CONFERENCING The barriers to using videoconferencing, which despite clear advantages is only slowly taking off, are more cultural than technical, writes Danny Bradbury

Thinking outside the inbox ‘improves team work’

Q&A He works for IBM Madrid, lives in Gran Canaria and his boss is based in the United States. So why on Earth did Luis Suarez decide to give up email? The social software evangelist tells Kate Bassett about his take on life outside the inbox

Beware of sweeteners when choosing ‘candy’

VENDORS Companies may be spoilt for choice when upgrading communications systems, but deciding on the right solution for their business can be a challenge, writes Kate Bevan

Gadgets paved way for revolution

PIONEERS Unified communication (UC) is rightly seen as a means of revolutionising the way people work and communicate. However, it didn’t evolve in a vacuum. Previous attempts at bringing elements together and even early versions of some of the parts of what we now call UC are all but forgotten. Guy Clapperton looks at pioneering devices, some of which may have misread the market and others that were simply ahead of their time

Caring about wellbeing in cyberspace

COMMENT Dr Christine Grant, occupational psychologist and university lecturer, explores the advantages of being “connected” and how best to deal with the pressures of a “switched-on” workspace

Aim high and keep spending low

SMALLER BUSINESSES Unifying communications means smaller businesses can spread themselves further afield, take on larger competitors and attract better customers, as long as their vision extends beyond initial technology, writes Sue Tabbitt

Securing data and freeing enterprise

ANALYSIS Total mobile security cannot be guaranteed, but with the right attitudes from organisations and individuals, the bar can be raised and rich opportunities embraced, as Rob Bamforth explains

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