Vive La France

France has been the world’s most visited country for 20 years, yet surprisingly little is known about modern France beyond the stereotypes. The French are associated with haute couture, first-class gastronomy and a rich culture but what gives them that ‘je ne sais quoi’? This report explores how the world’s 5th largest economy are leading in luxury, innovative design, fashion and world-class bistros.

Vive La France

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Vive La France
Articles from the report - Vive La France

British fascination with France

Britain and France are forever comparing one against the other, writes Agnès C. Poirier, who takes an Anglophile’s view of her native country


French fragrance is king

According to Coco Chanel: “A woman without perfume is a woman without a future.” Farah Nayeri reports on style and beauty – the French way


French cuisine is back on the menu

French dining has come in for some curdling criticism of late but, as Fiachra Gibbons reports, good French food is making its comeback


Buying with certainty

Fluctuating exchange rates can be a nightmare for the British buying property in France. Luckily help is at hand – for those who know where to look


Top French innovators

It may be news to most Brits, but France is home to generations of inventive pioneers, as Agnès C. Poirier reports


The timeless sex appeal of Paris

Author and long-time resident of Paris Stephen Clarke offers his take on a much-loved city for lovers


The art of French cinema

The French love affair with the silver screen has produced some memorable and thought-provoking movies, as Jonathan Romney reports


Paris: the fashion trendsetter

French fashion has evolved from exclusive haute couture for the very rich to affordable high-street style, writes Agnès C. Poirier


Scent of success

There is surely no French fragrance and beauty house so steeped in history and romance as Guerlain


La TV in French

With its lively mix of movies, French lifestyle programmes and news, TV5MONDE is drawing a growing audience in Britain, many of whom are now using it to improve their French

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